Pakistan elections blows a burning sensation : Imran Ahead in PM Race


Pakistan Elections is one of the burning topics right now in the political lane. Pakistan is going through elections for the new Prime Minister seat. It seems that Imran Khan, the cricketer turned to a politician is one of the prominent choices. General elections held in Pakistan on 25 July 2018 is to elect members of 15th National Assembly. There are 342 seats from which 172 is needed for a majority. There are 3 main leaders opposite to each other, Imran Khan, from PTI, Shehbaz Sharik from PML(N) and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari from PPP.

Imran Khan set to lead Pakistan

Many things to keep in mind include, PML was earlier lead by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif which earlier was the largest party in 2013. With 166 seats in National Assembly .later Nawaz Sharif formed a party by joining with an independent party.

Pakistan Elections twist

Seeing towards the polls, Khan still maintains his lead but that lead doesn’t seem to lead him to victory as a majority of 137seatst is needed to form the government. Election commission of Pakistan released result today showing that PTI won 109 seats in total and they still lack to form an independent government. But his victory is defined already, and the whole social media is filled, congratulating him.

Election days were not easy though, it seems violence everywhere, bombs were also relaese causing in the death of 31 peoples and nearly 34 peoples were injured.

History seems more interesting

PML one of the best and powerful party in 2013 has Khan. This gives party popularity but they seem not so powerful in front of PML. Later Khan called Azadi March demanding a snap election in August 2014. It was soon called off due to the massacre in Peshawar. The year 2016 wasn’t great for PML as Prime Minister At that time, Nawaz Sharif was badly struck in Panama papers case, Sharif after that too refused to resign. After some time when he was found out to be guilty, he was sent to jail and he resigned from his designation. Now for that empty post, Khan has nearly been assigned the new Prime Minister.

Khan, when he came to knew that he’ll rule Pakistan showed his way through his speech on Thursday. He targeted the most powerful country USA. His conclusion doesn’t seem friendly. According to opponents, Khan tasted this victory just because of fraud and manipulation that his party spreaded. Khan is finally the prime minister and his cricketer friend seems happy for him and his fans too but…… But remains constant when it comes to the government of Pakistan.

Complexities of the new leadership

Complexities doesn’t end here, Khan seems having awesome relations with many terrorist group. This is showing a clear vision to the future of Pakistan. Pakistan elections result  surely gonna be more troublesome than it has been since years. Listening to his views on international relations really interest our concern towards the conditions of Pakistan in coming years .