There has been one game addiction that has rolled the nation completely – after catching Pokemon, it has now come to battle field wars. PUBG fever has taken the young by a sweep – and everyone plays it. The game is so popular, that now it faces the risk of a ban in Kashmir. It is only but natural that this game might affect psychology and might make one flunk the examination, but now it seems the entire state has performed badly in their examination – putting the game in further doubt.

Banning PUBG Game In Kashmir? Are you serious?

This has been reported in a website in Kashmir that 10th and 12th poor results have resulted in a request to ban the game that is affecting young adults. The Jammu and Kashmir associations has requested the governor to step in and put a permanent ban on this. It seems authorities are angry with the popularity of the game, they are calling it the future spoiler. Ironically, Kashmir is one of the states that faces most of the violence, and then authorities ask for a ban in virtual violence. Very much of a satire, it seems the state is fond of real action only.

Ban on PUBG : Other facts that come into play:

Apparently, the authorities are concerned about the voice of the parents, and they are only bringing it out in the open. The website apparently compares this game addiction to the effect of drugs – it is true that love for violence is unexpected and weird, but fussing over a game and requesting a state ban is too far down into the extremes. Raquif Makhdoomi allegedly has reported that the game deserves to be banned as early as poor results were published. There is delayed action, which is the cause of concern. It is slightly over the top that the state affairs are getting themselves involved over a simple game, that doesn’t directly endanger lives.

Some causalities have taken place already:

 This is the second incident that is related to PUBG, the first being that a fitness trainer was so addicted to PUBG that he had begun to hit himself and hurt himself – his addiction was so severe that he needed to be rushed to the hospital immediately. The doctor has reported that the patient has completely lost his mental balance, and that he needs to be hospitalized immediately.

All over India terror strikes:

The game apparently has spread terror everywhere, as different authorities keep banning it. In Tamil Nadu, the game has been banned by the chief authority of a college, because he has noted violent behavior in students. PUBG has been banned from their campus. That’s why parents want ban on PUBG game should come by government authorities stricktly.

It should ultimately be left to the senior authorities, who would finalize on the ban or lift it as be the case.