Parrot Missing in Bihar : 25000 Rupees Reward to the Founder


    Bizzare Stories

    Friends you must have heard many stories of human animal attachment but this is one of the very amazing stories of 21st century. People saw a women’s attachment with her parrot in state Bihar when she got depressed due to missing her parrot. She distributed print posters of her missing parrot stating the founder of the parrot will be rewarded with rupees 25000 cash.

    Babita Devi the women caretaker of this parrot is a resident of Warsliganj Chowk. Her family told that she has stopped taking food and water since Jan 3rd 2017 due to lose of her parrot. They further told that she was attached to this parrot from last 8 years.  It was like a family member to them, specially for Babita Devi the attachment was more than anyone in the family.