Paytm Boss Secretary Alleged For Blackmailing


    People are falling for money so badly that they don’t even think where this blind game will take them. Recently Paytm Boss secretary was arrested for blackmailing her boss by threatening to leak the data. Three employees are under arrest by the police who seem to be in this dirty money game. The mastermind of this entire plan is the secretary of Vijay Shekhar Sharma who was threatening him to misuse the data of the company. The three people under arrest are Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s secretary, her husband Roopak jain and one more employee working in the firm Devendra Kumar. They together were making extortion call to Sharma’s brother Ajay Shekhar Sharma.

    What was the reason behind the whole conspiracy?

    As per the complaint made by paytm boss Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma, all these three people were demanding 20 crore rupees for not leaking the information. They together had stolen the important data of the company and were blackmailing their boss for the huge amount. Senior Superintendent of Police is still investigating this issue and is trying to get into the roots of this whole conspiracy. The FIR was made at sector 20 police station, and just after the complaint, the police department showed activeness in getting hold of the accused people.

    Charges made against the accused employees

    Under Information of Technology Act charges are there on these three people who are the mastermind of this plan. Under 381 and 420 also claims are there against them. Considering this as an act of cheating, extortion and criminal conspiracy the Police is speculating the whole issue. The Paytm company made a confirmation about the whole issue and how the whole conspiracy was planned.

    Noida Police takes strict action

    Soon after the complaint, Noida police came into action, and the accused people are inside the bar. The way the whole incident is in action, it really evokes a question in our mind that how far will we go for money. Trying to collect money by breaching the terms of the company seems to be totally out of order. How will the lives of these three people be once their gritty money gave over? It’s easy to walk into the wicked ways, but you don’t even know where it will finally take you. The lust to live a luscious life has finally made them find a way in jail.

    It’s a lesson that we must stay away from the glittering thoughts of the evil and do what can really take us to a better way of life.