People love Delhi even though it’s the most polluted city in India. Here’s why.


Delhi is not only the capital of India, but it is also a city with which has a life of its own. A curious melange and mixture of forts and skyscrapers, this city represents the best of India, a combination of old and new! Of course, its pollution level has reached an all-time high and life in Delhi has started to become unbearable during winter due to smog, yet Delhi has a magnetic charm that is very hard to avoid.

Delhi is a representation of India’s soul and the reason for pollution is not enough for you to just let go of this city.  There are many reasons for loving and wanting to settle in the capital city of India, and we shall list just a few of them to get started:

The beautiful Chat Gali and Chandni Chowk

A Busy Street, Chandni Chowk, Delhi

Have you ever been to the beautiful and vibrant Chat Gali and Chandni Chowk? Have you enjoyed eating every variant of street food that exists along with buying all kinds of items you may ever require from a multitude of the cheapest and most competitive markets in the world?  Well if you haven’t, we would suggest that you get into it, immediately! There is an amazing world that waits for you out there. Starting from great deals that you can avail from the various shopkeepers to the multitude of amazing food items you can gorge on, this wonderful area is a must-visit by all classes and nationalities.

The Ram-Leela

No matter what religion you belong to or what kind of person you are, the Ram-Leela is an amazing phenomenon no one can miss for the world! Ram-Leela tells the universal story of Lord Ram’s epic story of rescuing his wife from the clutches of the evil Ravan. Symbolizing the eternal victory of good over evil, only the story is inspired from Hindu mythology. From Muslim actors to Christian directors to Sikh musicians, everybody takes part in this grand extravaganza and makes it an event to remember. Till the final arrow which burns down the effigy, the audience waits with bated breath and experiences all the emotions that are portrayed beautifully by the actors.

The city of extremes

Delhi is a city where the horizon meets. Delhiites give a lot of abuses, but also are one of the most kind-hearted people in the whole city. It has many economical and affordable markets, along with the priciest and top notch brands present in the same city. It has places of worship for all denominations, and it has all kinds of beautiful forts and palaces for those interested in history.

This city is definitely one of a kind, and it promises to give you the vibe that will set it apart from any other place in India!