PM Modi Shows An Act of Kindness Towards His Small Fan follower


PM Modi has always emerged out as a winner in every forefront of life but this act of his kindness will melt your heart deep down. This incident marked its presence on 16th July. Modi Ji was supposed to give his speech at Midnapore collegiate grounds. Rita, Anita (her sister) and her mother Sandhya travelled to the place just to hear him. These three were sitting in the front row. Unfortunately, they suffered an unpleasant event, the tent collapsed under which they were sitting.T hey got injured and they were sent to Midnapore medical college hospital. After a few hours, PM Narendra Modi visited there.

A sweet gesture towards his small fan

Modi Ji personally went to Rita’s bedside to look about her wellbeing, she said Modi Ji that she was so happy to see him, though she saw him before but failed to see clearly. Then she asked for an autograph and she insisted for an autograph from him. PM Modi though hesitated at first but after that, a man provided him a paper and then he, with a pleasant smile, wrote Rita Mudi tum sukhi raho-Narendra Modi in Hindi.

Rita, a second-year student at a Christian college, she lives in Salera village in Bankura’s Ranibandh that is nearly 200 km from Kolkata, is now treated as a celebrity after that tent collapse incident. She would never have thought that an autograph of Narendra Modi would give her this much fame and a treatment of a celebrity, she may have called herself very lucky for this. She has got two marriage proposals from that time. Now nearly everyone knows her in her area and she has entered limelight just by an autograph. That’s incredible.

Time has changed

Before she got 1 proposal for marriage but the Groom demanded nearly 1 Lakh rupees as a dowry. Her father being a person who tills his own land was unable to meet this demand. He was not able to provide the groom’s family with that amount .she wasn’t recognized by many people.

Now, she has got 2 proposals from a good family background. One is a trader groom from Jharkhand who isn’t very interested in taking dowry from her parents, he doesn’t want anything other than Rita and wants to marry her. Another offer is from Bankura, an agricultural landowner also wished to marry her. This is the result of her overnight fame, that too by our Prime Minister. Now she says that she’ll marry whomever her parents will suggest, but for now she wants to study.

PM Modi rules the heart of people

This incident, on a positive note, one way or the other shows the craze of Modi .modi fever is all over the country and it doesn’t seem limited to India, its all over the world. People are crazy for Modi and his strong, impactful personality. Just because Rita met Modi and she had an autograph of Modi made her famous overnight. Now, many visits her house just to see the autograph of him.

‘It is all about time, at one instant no one is so important and valuable. On another instance, that person becomes so important. Let it be the case of Rita or say our Prime minister. For both this statement fits to both the situation very well.