Police burn body with waste; keep Rs. 2,700 given for proper cremation


A shocking incident in UP by a heartless team of Police has come out and shocked the people. In this incident, a corrupt Police Team from Bhagpat UP has been accused of burning an unidentified dead body along with the plastic waste, kerosene oil, and tires.

The reported Policemen were given Rs. 2,700 to perform the proper cremation of the unclaimed dead body. In order to pocket this money into their pockets, they burnt him in the cruelest manner, crossing all the limits of inhuman nature.

The team was asked to buy a shroud, which would have costed them somewhere around Rs. 300 and Rs. 400 to move the dead body to the cemetery. Rest of the amount was to be used for the cremation.

Rather than using this money in the proper and required manner, Policemen decided to keep the money to themselves. Hence, they burn the dead body in the most inhuman way possible.

When the police officer was questioned, had no answers for such a corrupt and cruel act displayed by them for a small amount of money.

Former DSP (Deputy General of Police) said, 

“It is expected of Police personnel to give a proper cremation or burial to unclaimed bodies of an unidentified person.”