Political corruption in India: Corruption! we are all aware of it and we also know to what extent it has rotten the whole nation. From schools to offices, from temples to mosques everybody is corrupted but we still do not know where this corruption came from. But we all know every single thing in the universe has its pros and cons and so does corruption. But what can we do we are Indians we get attracted to negativity first rather than checking the brighter side. Here we are mentioning some pros and cons of corruption which could change your perception towards corruption.


Why we need corruption

It has a simple meaning which is to fasten the process of making people work with unnecessary means.

corruption in india

Extra! we all want something extra. Corruption promises what you want but it has a cost that you have to pay later.

Political corruption in india

Morals! what to do with the morals if it can’t help you and people around you.

morals and Political corruption in india

People put an extra effort for your work if you bribe them


Reasons to avoid Corruption

Corruption is not for everyone, some belief in administration and some can not afford it.

Political corruption in india

Corruption makes people greedy and selfish.

Political corruption in india

It divides people in terms of money.

no to corruption

Another reason to end corruption is we live in India and we treat everybody equally and corruption makes barriers that have to be taken down.

Political corruption in india say no to it

We Do not Mean Disrespect To Our Nation and political corruption in India should be ended but its an ongoing process. We can not end it but we can put restrictions on it. To know more continue on talepost.