Priyanka chopra starrer Quantico will not see the final season!


Priyanka Chopra starrer ABC’s Quantico will not see a season four. According to some American magazines as the third season of the blockbuster online series hasn’t managed to secure ratings good enough to make it to season four. There have been a lot of speculations and rumors afloat regarding Priyanka Chopra, the Bollywood sensation, quitting the show. Most prominent of them all is the twitter and instagram post of Ali Abbas Zafar, director of ‘Bharat’ a Salman Khan starrer flick which quoted his conversation with  Priyanka Chopra. She had mentioned that something very special had occurred in her life and that she had to quit the project of ‘Bharat’.

Rumors were also sparked regarding the ongoing relationship of the bollywood actress with the Hollywood singing sensation Nick Jonas. Recent reports have also confirmed their engagement on the actress’s 36 th birthday celebrations. She reportedly has informed the media not to
meddle with her personal life but curiosity of the fans could hardly be contained. This summer, people all over the world had taken to twitter focusing on the two pretty famous celeb incidents.

As the world came to know about the engagement of the American pop-star Justin Beiber with model Hailey Baldwin only after few weeks of dating, they went on to speculate it was some kind of summer cupid who had been busy this vacation shooting arrows to people who have just started on the dating journey. Some fans also posted tweets of them being single from the time Nick was born. There has been alleged news that the Bollywood beauty had asked Nick to move to India and reportedly, they will organize a housewarming party at her sea viewing bungalow in

Priyanka Chopra’s Journey

After working for three seasons with the company called ABC productions, Priyanka Copra, has decided to bid adieu to a huge chapter of her acting career. There are a lot of speculations and predictions regarding the season’s final episode. Fans all over the world have started taking to the various social media platforms to know if the season
will end with a bang or not.

The leading lady of the online television series had posted
an update on instagram stating that her journey in the Quantico has been an inexplicable one. She has learnt loads from her director and co-actors. That she
had found lifelong friends. In a post she also mentioned that she was looking forward to crossing paths with the same people once again in her life. With her successful
Hollywood debuts Priyanka Chopra has successfully been able to most importantly open the door for Indian actors to step into the international market of filming, reported a newspaper daily.

It has been a matter of public concern that nick has repeatedly dated older women throughout his entire youth.  He finds them more attractive than the ones similar in age to him. The age difference between the couple hasn’t been that much of a matter of concern for both the families. Nick’s family hasn’t ever seen him so happy and serious about a woman before. As fans we can only hope for the best.