Robbers kill 80 year-old woman to steal her silver anklets


It is truly said, that greed knows no bound. Even humanity will be surpassed in the rat race of greed. Recently, the shocking murder incident of an old woman in Chhota Udepur, Gujrat came into light. She was ruthlessly murdered by thieves who only wanted her silver anklets.

According to the Police reports, they broke into the old woman’s house during the night. First, they slit her throat with a knife and later with the help of sharp object chopped her legs off to take away the silver kadas, she was wearing.

This incident has also left the Police and public of the neighbouring area in shock.

MK Gosai, police station in-charge of Panvad said, 

“We have started the investigation with the help of FSL team and the dog squad. We will find the robbers soon.”

Talepost family along with its readers, pray for the proper justice to be given to the old woman.