Saina Nehwal Confirms Marriage with Parupalli Kashyap


Saina Nehwal is an Indian badminton player. She has won many international titles and is former world number one. She reached second place in 2009 in the world’s list for badminton singles, in 2015 she recovered and conquered her first place. She then became the second player in India to achieve this feat. She is the first female to achieve this feat in India.

Parupalli Kashyap is also a badminton player from India. The Government of India awarded him the Arjuna Award in the year 2012. He reached the Quarterfinals of men’s singles at 2012 London Olympics. He created history when he was qualified for quarterfinals as he was the only male player from India to do so at the time. He even won gold in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth games in men’s singles. He, like Saina, is a single’s player in badminton.

Admitting their relationship

Saina Nehwal and Parupalli Kashyap’s love and their relationship was always a rumor amongst us. Saina said their relationship had been kept hush-hush in the badminton circles and never came into the limelight. Now, the couple has come into the limelight and have announced their relationship. Saina has not been shying away from the camera and announced that they were marrying on December 16 this year.

Saina Nehwal broke the silence after a long time stating that she and Parupalli Kashyap were to be married on December 16 this year. When she was asked about the decision to get married in December, Saina stated that she would be busy from December 20 with the Premier Badminton League. Followed by it, she has qualifiers for the Tokyo Games. Saina whispers about the marriage date and is quite happy.

Relationship Insights

Saina further admitted that the pair had known each other for over a decade. She said that she felt it very easy to share her feelings with Kashyap. When asked about their story, she explained that the duo started traveling somewhere around the year 2007-2018 for bigger tours. We even played tournaments together, trained concurrently. We then started paying attention to each other slowly and then it proceeded to our matches.

She further revealed that in today’s dog-eat-dog world that we live in, it is very difficult to get close to someone. Be it a friend, a lover, or a life partner. But somehow Kashyap and I, we both found it very easy to talk to each other. We used to talk about our matches, and feelings gradually grew.

Confessing to parents

“We did not think about marriage before” she stated. Then confessed that the career they pursue is very challenging. Winning the competitions is important. A player needs conditioning and treatment just like a baby. So, by early marriage we did not want to shift our focus. Saina further expressed that she did not find it awkward or difficult in breaking the ice with their parents. We used to spend most of time together and our parents also used to travel with us said by Saina. They gradually understood that I was comfortable with him.