Sania Mirza replies to the troll on Pakistan Independence Day


Sania Mirza decided to teach a lesson to the troll who tweeted to her on 14th of August. She has been trolled on the occasion of Pakistani and Indian Independence Day which fall one after the other. This began back in 2010 when she married the Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik.

The incident

A follower of Sania tweeted to her saying that her Independence Day is on the 14th of August. It was time that the famous tennis player finally shut down such trolls. She replied to the follower who goes by the name Romeo Gold 2.0 that the Independence Day for her as well as of her motherland is the following day and that of her husband and his country on the above-mentioned day. She tweeted, “Jee nahi mera aur meri country ka Independence Day agle din hai aur mere husband ki country ka aaj”.  Known for her witty remarks, Sania trolled the guy back by asking him “Aap ka kab hai?” (When is yours?) “Since you look confused.”

After the strong reply from Sania Mirza, the troll quickly deleted his tweet. This was not the end of the story as more and more people started to ask her the same question. Unlike the past seven years she was not going to stay silent this time. This time she silenced everyone who asked her this question.

What did she do?

She wished her Pakistani fans on their Independence Day and called herself their sister-in-law from India. This started a series of hate comment where people attempted to humiliate her for marrying the Pakistani cricketer.

One of the guys told her to stay in Pakistan and gave the example of Waseem Akram’s wife who is a “gori” but lives with her husband in Pakistan. She was not going to keep quiet this time around and quickly replied to the guy that she isn’t asking anybody to tell her what to do. “Calm down”, she said “Don’t accept the wishes if you don’t want them. Do you remember me asking for your opinion? Me neither,” she added.

As always there are some nice people on every social networking medium who are also fed up of trolls. One such person replied back asking her not to take these trolls seriously as well as requested her to calm down.

Sania not going to participate in the Asian Games 2018

It is a well-known fact that the tennis star won’t be participating in the upcoming Asian Games. In case you are wondering why? The answer to this question is that Sania and Shoaib Malik are expecting their first child and therefore she has decided to skip this year’s Asian Games. She is currently staying at her home in Hyderabad.

Even though she is not going to play in the tournament she is still supporting her homeland from the bottom of her heart.

So, are you going to miss Sania Mirza during the upcoming Asian Games?