Oh! Oh! Is it just hot in here or is it Ranveer Singh’s brand new revelation? Yes, all you fan girls; Ranveer Singh lost his virginity when he was just 12. And, no it was not because he was sexually abused or happened to be in an accident. It was because of the ‘keeda’ he had.
I mean that girl was totally blessed because of his curiosity and inquisitiveness, don’t you think? But, seriously, kudos to Ranveer because the courage and determination it takes to lose virginity when someone’s just a decade old or so is immense.


Most people in India don’t get laid even when they’re about 20. So, yes, we have the much-needed sex guru that we needed. He’s bold, he’s hot and he’s got it all.

In an interview with Deccan Chronicle, he admitted to having lost his virginity at 12, just out of curiosity like it’s no big deal. And, it isn’t. People in India have always considered sex to be a taboo. And, it’s pretty obvious and straightforward why we don’t have a sex education period in Indian schools. Due to lack of knowledge on the subject, many frolic and youthful activities end up severely for many which is a shame!

Ranveer Singh is Way Much Cooler!

But, Ranveer thinks differently. He had a sex ed. period of his own in school. Later in the interview, Ranveer Singh revealed that he was revered in the eyes of his
buddies because he was the one who used to give them the ‘sex talk’; hold sermons and impart wisdom. He also said that the mother’s of the students regarded him as that
rotten apple which was responsible for spoiling their kids.
Later, he talked about how he realized that there was marketing for even the tiniest commodity but not condoms. And the little marketing there was very provocative in
nature. And that’s when he decided to contact Durex.

Though he was sceptical about it, it came off as a hit.
He further added that he loved every bit of the attention he gets from his female fan base because he was a fat kid and became ‘sexy’ at a different stage of life.

He even went on to add that Aamir Khan in PK covered his ‘thing’ with a transistor, but he would be ready to drop it all off if that’s what the script and situation demanded. He’s
very comfortable in his skin and with body nudity on the big screen.

I mean, didn’t he just get a thousand times cooler? I can already see his fan girls fanning themselves. But, all you ladies it’s going to be some time till you actually get to
see him fully naked because for the orthodox people in the Indian society that is a lot to digest. Until then you can keep watching his hot and sensual performance in Ram
Leela, it still as effective as it was and always does the job. 😛

So, we’re signing off hoping that one day India would be able to understand that sex is normal and isn’t that big of a hype.
PS We leave you with the famous Ranveer Singh Durex, just in case. Thank us later!