Shilpa, Zubair, Akash to be put in ‘kaalkothri’ (underground jail), All About Episode 5, October 2017

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As you all know that the popular show Bigg Boss has been started, there will be a lot much of fun and entertainment is expecting in this Season 11. Let’s start discussing the scene when Shilpa, Zubair, Akash put in the ‘kaalkothri’ (underground jail). It was all started when RJ Maliksha started saying that Arshi Khan is a dangerous player. It was the early morning when the participants woke up by watching a serious fight between Hina and Arshi, the entire fight began in the kitchen area as usual in all the previous seasons. The fight began when Hina and other participants were making food in the kitchen and Arshi suddenly came and started making something different for her. She used the full milk being provided to them and then Hina shouted at her for using the whole milk, she told her that the milk was provided for everyone and not only for her.

Arshi just refused to share milk with everyone and she added turmeric to it for herself, all this made Hina lost his temper. Later on, Hina and Vikas started having arguments with each other, the fight was started with just a joke but then it was converted into a war. During the entire scene, Akash proposed Jyoti for marriage. As it is usual, the war then expanded between Vikas and Shilpa, both of them started taunting each other with numerous comments. Hina was blaming Vikas for increasing the fight between him and Shilpa, on the contrary, Benafasha blamed Shilpa to ruin her one of her favorite dresses.

The day was now going to an end with a severe fight between the participants all around the house. Now, it was the time when any of the participants had to go under the ‘kaalkothri’. The Bigg Boss then asked all the inmates to nominate three participants to put under the ‘kaalkothri’ where they may treat brutally within that jail. The inmates nominated and the names then revealed were- Arshi, Shilpa, Akash on which Arish got filled with anger and screamed at all other contestants by saying that you all are just the losers and scared of them three.

Now, it was about a twist when the Padosis were allowed to save any one of these three contestants and they saved Arshi from going to that ‘kaalkothri’. Why they saved her? They just saved Arshi so as to break the stronger bond between Shilpa and Arshi. Hina was totally upset with the decision of the Padosis as she wanted Akash to be saved from going to the jail.

It was all about the entire scene or controversy happened between the contestants of Bigg Boss participants when Shilpa, Zubair, Akash were put together into the jail but Arshi was saved by the Padosis due to which Hina got upset as she wanted to save Akash instead of Arshi. Continue watching the Bigg Boss Season 11 to stay updated!!!