Shoaib and Sania reveal the name of his first child


Love across the salt desert is the only fable up in mind when we think of Sania and Shoaib’s love story. Back in 2011, met two sportspersons from two rival countries, and they fell in love, despite the differences. Sania and Shoaib had made it clear that they will continue playing for their individual countries.  Of course, there were a lot of people confused with the arrangement, but the individual fans were extremely supportive. Sania came up with the news of confirmation that she would be marrying Shoaib and moving to Dubai to settle. She also reported that she will plan her career after she will play for Olympics 2012.

The famous love story:

Almost 8 years down their marriage, Sania and Shoaib have been extremely supportive of each other on social media, lauding each other. Their marriage is a favorite of all the fans individually since they are a couple who have shown integrity, love for each other and complete honesty. Their social media posts are all about love and support, and they have been winning hearts ever since 8 years. Now, after a very long span, Shoaib took to twitter stating that he has been blessed with a baby.

Shoaib Malik blessed with a baby has taken over social media, and tweets are pouring in from all over – their athlete friends and fellows from India and Pakistan have taken over Twitter and extended their warm congratulations and greetings. Shoaib Malik has been blessed with his baby, on the wee hours of Tuesday, and he tweeted that his wife Sania was also doing okay. According to his agent, the baby and Sania are doing fine and Shoaib is over the moon in happiness.

Sania and Shoaib baby name revealed:

Shoaib and Sania have named their child as Izhaan, as they truly believe that he is a gift of God to them. Shoaib has requested his fans to keep his family in duas, and wait till he himself confirms the news – and now he has himself made it official. Sania, Shoaib being blessed with a child is indeed wonderful news to hear! With that Sania has also made a statement that this time felt right to have a baby and hence they decided on it. Also, she has included that pregnancy shouldn’t get in between dreams and ambition, hence she will be targeting the Tokyo return medal in 2020.

Sania, Shoaib Malik blessed with a baby is perhaps a balm to the tense country wars – if two people have made peace despite their differences, there can’t be any truce better. Two excellent athletes of both countries have celebrated eight years of marriage and now have been gifted with their first child – what better way to make peace than this?

Love truly encompasses all boundaries and makes the impossible happen. The Sania and Shoaib story clearly tells us that. Congratulations to the Mirza Malik baby, and of course to the ideal couple who showed us what love is!