You will be shocked to know: A Sex Doll looks just like Justin Bieber


A New sex doll that looks similar to the singer Justin Bieber has become a big demand in the marketplace. The buyer can even choose the size of the penis according to their need.

the doll is 5-feet-2-inches tall and looks like with the singer Justin Bieber( who is 5-feet-2-inches tall) but it doesn’t matter for the fan who choose to buy the doll.

It’s like a dream come true for the fan of the Canadian pop singer who is desperate for a date with him.

Although this sex doll can cost you a lot as the silicone doll cost around $1340. This is a very flexible doll and the fans would like to buy. They can have some adventurous moments and a lot of love for all positions.

Sex Doll looks just like Justin Bieber

The fans who are very fascinated toward the pop singer for making love. They would be happy to know that the body of the doll is made up of AME material. The body is with a full metal skeleton as well as silicon. The face is “a pretty one” that is sculpted by a great sculpturist.

So real Bieber or?


The online retail site Alibaba is facing a high demand for this doll. They are expecting to fulfil the demands of a lot of fans to make love. Therefore, they got a huge stock.