changes in cartoon characters: Cartoons! Yes cartoons! The most important part of a kid’s life and the most nostalgic part of an adult’s life. Childhood is incomplete without the meal of cartoon. Remembering my good old days, I had a fix cartoon time and a fixed set of serials. Just after coming back from school, the sequence of cartoon moving through my eyeballs and a bite of lunch along with it. It sometimes feels like re-living those moments but the sad part is, it is difficult to portray the same.

Sharing with you, the section where I feel nostalgic. The sequence of cartoons that were my meal of the day included, Noddy, Bob the Builder, Pingu, Oswald, Thomas, and his friends and many more. I hope that was enough to make your nostalgia reach a height.

Now let us peep down to see the difference between cartoons then and now and its impact on the upcoming generation.

Are things still the same?

changes in cartoon characters: There is no direct answer to it, millennial kids have turned out to be more advanced, they have become more like tech kids but coming to watching cartoons, what I feel is that patterns haven’t changed yet, kids are equally inclined to watching cartoons as we were. But something has changed and this change is affecting the thought process of millennial kids.

Let us see what these changes are?

– The content of cartoons has degraded from before, it is not the new generation kids, it is the new generation content of cartoon that is hampering the thought process.

– Obviously, technologies have evolved and so do the visual quality, this has attracted kids watching more TV or you-tube.

– The cartoons made nowadays, rather being knowledgeable are dramatic that magnetizes kids to stick on one.

– Cartoons before were more smooth, pleasant and source of moral content, I am not saying that today we don’t have such cartoons, we do, but the cartoons that have more of nuisance and more of drama are center of attraction for kids that is pulling them back from watching the stuff that could be more kind to their brain.

Some facts

– Children of 2.5 years of age are considered to be an active consumer of television.

– An average of eight years old spends an approximate of 11 hours daily on television, revealed by the Journal of Pediatrics.

– This data further indicates the large impact on kid’s health and education deteriorating it.  

Impact of watching these cartoon characters

changes in cartoon characters: An early brain is more adaptive and receptive in nature. Anything done up to a certain limit is beneficial, increased level creates havoc. I don’t say watching cartoon is something inaccurate. But exceeding limits is something inappropriate. In today’s busy world people don’t have enough time to spend with their kids and answer every question they ask so in order to work, people deliberately engage their kids in watching TV or cell phones.


This ignorance of you in order to work will be an ill-effect to you as well as the life of your kid.

Is there any benefit of kid’s watching cartoons?

changes in cartoon characters: Kids do have a sharp visual memory rather than the audio memory. Teaching kids normal values or basic things of social life is better in a visual way and undoubtedly cartoon is an easy way.

It is necessary for kids to watch cartoon but that should be absolutely selective and time-bound. To know more continue with talepost.

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