Sonali Bendre – When life throws You a Curveball


Life is like a roller coaster ride. It is sometimes scary but exciting at the same time the rise and fall of which defines our journey. Life has peaks of joy and valleys of heartache. Life always doesn’t treat us all well, and it this has been the case with Sonali Bendre too. Sonali bender is an Indian film actor, who worked in several masterpieces like Hum Saath Saath hai and diljale, and several TV serials, a model and also a recently-turned writer. The journey of her life have had several ups and downs has been very saddening yet her positive attitude gives us hope for better things to come.

Sonali Bendre comes from a very middle-class background where she did not have any prior exposure to the film industry. She comes from a family which never watched films, but the urgent desperation for money and terrible financial conditions back home was one of the reasons for her to join to the industry. She never received any formal training or grooming before her debut, she learnt it all on the job and through other actors. She started her career as a model. Later, she got selected for “Stardust Talent Search” that started her journey. Although a hardworking actress, her first debut film Aag, opposite Govinda was a flop, and she excessively struggled as an actor has continued to give flop films until Diljale, in which her performance was critically appreciated. Her performance in several other films like Bhai, Sarfarosh, ham Saath Saath hai and various others was also appreciated.

At this time when her career was at a peak, and after doing a series of romantic films like Bhai, Takkar and various other with the Macho man, Sunil Shetty, Sonali couldn’t help but fall head over heels in love with this heartthrob. But Sonali decided to behave like a very mature and grown-up woman and chose to remain silent about her feelings because she did not wish to break Sunil Dutt’s happy marriage life with Mana. She only confined to being a silent admirer and well-wisher.

Sonali, in an interview, said that “I did not rule the 90s” which is certainly true to an extent. Although she gave several hits, the 90s did not treat her well. She was not the centre of attention and didn’t get the fame she deserved. She says that there were several incidents from the 90s which were very upsetting for her. One of these was when she signed a film, Duplicate opposite to Shah Rukh Khan, a role for which she was very excited. But to her disappointment, the film turned out to be a Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla Film, and she was a very limited part of the film. It looked like a second role. Another incident was when Sunil Shetty requested her to a cameo in The Movie Rakshak to which she agreed. But despite being a close friend, he made the entire film with her scenes with which she was very much hurt.

Recently, in a sudden and shocking social media post on Instagram, Sonaliannounced of being diagnosed with Cancer. She has been diagnosed with high-grade cancer that has metastasized. She still remains optimistic and decides to fight every bit of it with the support of her family and friends. In another heart-breaking post, she posts a picture of her in which she chops off her long locks prior to the treatment she is undergoing in New York.  She remains positive and continues to have a smile on her face in this tough time.


Sonali Bendre is truly an inspiration and her story continues to inspire us. In spite of all the odds, she continues to fight life and prove to be a strong, determined and a courageous lady. All our prayers and wishes go out to Sonali Bendre and we all pray for her speedy recovery.