What is Special about the Nine Days of Navratri?


    What is Special about the Nine Days of Navratri?

    Navratri is one of the most amazing and auspicious festivals of Hindus which has been celebrated twice a year by worshipping the Goddess Durga and it has been believed that the Goddess appears in nine different avatars such as Shailputri, Brahmcharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandmata, Katyaini, Kaalratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhatri on each new day till the nine days of this festive celebration. This nine days Navratri festival is celebrated with a great immense devotion and enthusiasm all across the globe. Eggs, alcohols, garlic, onions, grains, lentils, legumes, meat, fish, and other beans are usually take away from the houses for about 9 days, why? The reason or fact behind it is that these food items are reckoned as the barrier in generating the energy in any form. These food items are reckoned as responsible for generating the negative kamic energies. Don’t you want to know about the nine days of Navratri? Yes?

    Just have a look at these nine days celebration of Navratri-

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    First Day Pooja Celebration-

    The very first form or roop of Maa Durga is known as Shailputri which is reckoned as the daughter of the Himalayas and considered as a form of power (Shakti).

    Second Day Pooja Celebration-

    The second roop or avatar of Maa Durga is known as ‘Brahmacharini’ which is also known as the form of ‘Maa Shakti’.

    Third Day Pooja Celebration-

    The third avatar is known as Chandraghanta which is known as the symbolic representation of beauty and bravery.

    Fourth Day Pooja Celebration-

    Kushmanda is the fourth avatar of Maa Durga and it has been believed that she is the one who has created the entire Universe by her auspicious laugh.

    Fifth Day Pooja Celebration –

    On this day, people worship the fifth roop or avatar of Maa Durga, known as Skand Mata and is also considered as the chief warrior of the Gods army.

    Sixth Day Pooja Celebration-

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    Katyayani is the sixth avatar of Maa Druga having three eyes and 4 hands and seated on her vehicle lion.

    Seventh Day Pooja Celebration-

    ‘Kalratri’ Is known as the 7th avatar of Goddess Durga and also known as the black or dark night

    Eighth Day Pooja Celebration-

    On this 8th day, Maa Durga is worshipped as ‘Maha Gauri’ which is considered as the most beautiful avatar of the Goddess.

    Ninth Day Pooja Celebration-

    Siddhidatri is the 9th avatar of Goddess Durga consisting of all 8 siddhis. She is considered to be lived on a lotus.

    The Navratri is the most important Hindu Festival having a nine days celebration. The Goddess Durga is worshipped during these nine days in her different avatars which signify the power, knowledge, wealth, and prosperity. The first three days are celebrated by worshipping Maa Durga as she destroys the evil all around us and the next three days, she grants wealth and prosperity. People worship Maa Saraswati during the last three days as she is known as the Goddess of Wisdom. Just get prepared to celebrate these auspicious nine days of Navratri whole-heartedly.