Spice up your life with this lingerie guide!


Sexy lingerie are something that can make any women look confident, irrespective of their shape size choices preferences; your lingerie will always make you stand out and boost that feminine ego. Here’s the list of the sexiest lingerie trends of 2018 that every girl should have in their wardrobe to add a little sensuality in your life.

  1. Velvet:

This year have been a huge comeback year for velvets. From tops to dresses to skirts to gown to even pants, the velvet is taking over the fashion industry like a style storm. The velvet lingerie accentuates the tone of the body, blends well with any mood. It looks like you have put efforts to embrace your body in the sexiest lingerie.

Bodysuits :

Bodysuits have also been picking up this season as the sexiest lingerie. From the basic casual ones to the sexy laces and strings; ladies are flaunting the bodysuits like they own the show. If you are someone who is the shy kind and do not adhere to a lot of skin show, you can go ahead with the covered ones and if you are someone who follows “ flaunt it if you’ve got it” then go ahead with the rather bold designs, either of them works in the hot categories.

Laces sexiest lingerie:

Laces will always be the evergreen epitome of gracefulness and gorgeousness. The fabrics and the patterns highlight your curves like nothing else. It looks great in any color, any design, and any fabrics. Each next door girl will definitely own a pair of lace lingerie these days. Not only, do you feel sexy in it, but it also gives a complete look to the whole idea of getting dressed.

Bralettes :

Bralettes are the newest editions to the edgy and sporty look of lingerie, when you are not too big for the graceful of delicate sort of a look, you can always go ahead with bralettes, they are not just sexy, but also super comfortable and allows you the liberty of movement. You can go backless, strapless or even pair it up with laces and other fabric to create a complete outlook and you shall be good to go.

Floral sexiest lingerie:

Floral pattern have always been one of the female favorite in the category of clothing. The Patch floral details or the printed floral details give a very sleek and a stylish touch to the sexiest lingerie. You can always play with the colours and the more you own the merrier it is.

Lingerie is a very important element of women’s outfit. It should be given utmost importance while purchasing. Always get the right measurements checked and buy the right sizes. It makes a difference to your whole body structure. No matter what you wear, remember to carry it with all the charisma and confidence you have. When you will feel sexy from inside you will automatically look sexy and once you master the art of the right lingerie to flaunt, there will be no looking back.