Sreesanth And Anup Jalota Are Back In Big Boss 12 House


Big Boss 12 is going through a rage of wickedness and competition each day. The promo starts with Anup Jalota and Sreesanth making re-entry to the Big Boss 12 show. They spoke about each contestant’s game plans, and they are all set to reveal what they felt while they were out of the house. It is yet to be seen how this revelation will change the dynamics between friends they were once close to.

Following the change, now it is the time where the singles and jodis face each other. Trying something new, everyone in the Bigg Boss 12 house is now playing alone. A glimpse of the episode shows us that the jodis will go through the ‘Bigg Breakup.’ To add masala to this, jodis will have to make a decision together to nominate either of them for eviction. Bigg Boss 12 officially starts after this.

Misunderstanding between Dipika and Surbhi

In the show there is a misunderstanding between Surbhi Rana and Dipika Kakar. Surbhi thinks that Dipika who is in charge of the kitchen says that no one would receive any food. Dipika is then seen to clarify that vegetarians will get preference as non-vegetarians already have an egg. Followed by this, Anup concludes that Dipika is losing her character as whatever she does always have a motive. In the Big Boss 12 house, Somi Khan and Jasleen talk about Dipika’s character. Dipika and Jasleen then tease Urvashi Vani. They say that there is a relationship blooming between her and Deepak. Urvashi then starts blushing and avoids the conversation.

Housemates dance to Do Mastane Chale Zindagi Banane. Sreesanth recalls his cricket events. He discusses the 2011 World Cup where his name doesn’t come in an interview. Sreesanth describes how Sachin Tendulkar spoke about him in the same interview. He then feels regretful and has a breakdown. Bigg Boss 12 declares the breakup of jodis and the housemates accept it with nervousness and excitement. The contestants come for a final task. Deepak and Urvashi are the first participants for the task.


Deepak feels that Urvashi is vulnerable when it comes to entertainment in Big Boss 12 house. Urvashi feels that she is anything but weak. Both of them leave the room with Urvashi feeling betrayed. Deepak gets angry over her behavior towards him. Somi Khan believes that she should stay. Hearing this, Saba starts crying and nominates herself for eviction. Shivashish nominates himself and keeps Sourabh safe. As Surbhi and Romil are captains, they are declared to be safe.

Bigg Boss asks the captains to pick the most entertaining out of the jodis. He also says that in the Jodi, only one can be the captain. Romil chooses Shivashish to stay safe, and Surbhi becomes the captain. Sourabh, Saba, and Urvashi are nominated for eviction. The singles are then decide their nomination from the team. Sreesanth believes that Srishty should stay safe, but Dipika thinks the opposite. Karanvir wants to nominate himself. The singles finally nominate Jasleen, Srishty, and Karanvir in Big Boss 12 house.


Anup finally makes an entrance to the Big Boss 12 house and hugs Jasleen. Deepak runs to Sreesanth as he makes his entry. Sreesanth gives Deepak a long, tight hug. He later greets everyone in the house. Dipika just looks on with a small smile. Anup exposes that Dipika is the most ‘poisonous’ in the house while Jasleen is the fashion Queen. He further adds that Karanvir follows Dipika without considering again and gives a wrong impression.