Suniel Shetty Supports Virat Kohli & Gave a Much Needed Slap To Haters


In the recent days, the Indian Cricket team’s skipper, Virat Kohli has faced many criticisms. This was the result for his aggressive behavior on the cricket pitch against the on-field banters. All this is happened during the on-going Test-series again Australia.

The matter between the 30 year old, Virat Kohli and opposition captain Tim Paine became heated suddenly during the second Test match at the Perth stadium, revolving around the fact that visitors lost the match by 146 runs.

This heated argument between the two, led to the aggressive behavior of Virat Kohli. Kohli faced lot of discouragement for his such behavior.  Naseeruddin Shah, the 68-year-old actor, accused Kohli and qouted that he’s the “worst-behaved cricketer.” 

Just when everyone was accusing the captain, there were many people who stood in favor for him and discouraged all the trolls. Among the supporters were, Suniel Shetty,  Allan Border and Darren Lehmann.

Suniel Shetty qouted,

“For me, Kohli is the god of cricket when it comes to the Indian cricket team. If Indian cricket has become aggressive, they think of winning then it’s because of Kohli. Everyone has a different perspective. I don’t think with the glass as half-empty. Everyone goes through a phase in their career where people do things out of passion and aggression,” 

“The more you mature, the settled you get. I was an aggressive child growing up as I was a martial artist. I don’t believe what Naseeruddin Shah remarked about Virat. The Australians have always believed that the Indians are underdogs and given it to us. And we are the most talented as far as the pace bowling contingent is concerned. Moreover, our bench stretch is also pretty strong,”

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