T-shirt Design That Will Give You An Instant Laughter Attack



Very few people are aware of the fact that good humour springs from everyday, little things. T-shirts with hilarious captions have captured all the attention; all because of aptly placed captions and comically timed photos. There is nothing more comfortable than a good old worn-in tee, don’t you agree. But what if it can give you some good old humour as well? Here are a few such T-shirts:


Picking up chicks!


Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Chick who?


And that’s exactly the question isn’t it? Who’s the chick, here! Your traditional chicken, of course. And picking up that chicken is as simple as bending down and picking it up. This T-shirt design is a clever little spin on the traditional saying! Try out some T-shirts like this to brighten up that drab day of yours.


Go away!



You are walking along the road and every person on your way stops to greet you. Or, you are in office and people come up to and start the most meaningless conversation ever. And you want to tell them to be quiet but you just can’t bring yourself to say no. If you are that kind of a person, then this is the perfect T-shirt design for you. The caption says it all, doesn’t it? What are you waiting for? Make them ‘go away’.




This T-shirt design just reminds you of how much a simple caption can say. It doesn’t get any better, don’t you agree?



And taking the previous t-shirt one notch higher is this:



Wear it on those days you feel especially moody and want to avoid all sort of conversation. But who needs a reason to wear a tee right?


You can’t decide whether this one is deliberate or otherwise, right? Oxymoron at its best!






The sad state of adulting T-shirt designs


Are you one of those people who looked up to their parents while growing up and kept thinking that they made it so easy? And then you grew up and found out that adulting was one of the hardest things you could ever do? Then this is the perfect tee-shirt for you. Great humour! Captures the mood of recent times, don’t you think?


And adding on to that is the following:











This just affirms the fact that adulting can be super hard, right?


Pizza wizard!



Pizza is the most comforting food, isn’t it. Remember that time when you wished you could conjure up chocolates from waving your magical wand? Take that one notch higher. If at all there is a pizza wizard, that might just be the most amazing invention in all of history.