Ten Best Cricketers Of All Time


Ten Best Cricketers Of All Time

Cricket is a celebration in our country. Even though we face lots of barriers, language barrier cultural barrier and many more but cricket can never be a barrier. It has a long history of legendary players. And it will go on till the time cricket no longer exists (which is never going to happen). Here is a list of some best cricketers of all time.


He is one of the greatest batsmen and best cricketers of all time. He is counted among the ones who averaged approximately 100 in test cricket. Today none of the batsmen can even get close.


The maestro himself, he has a record of 100 hundred’s in his career. It’s a record itself and is impossible to break. He has scored the highest number of scores in both ODI and test formats as well. He has marked his double century in an ODI match.


India marked his first ever territory in world cup 1983, under the captaincy of KapilDev. He has exceptional bowling skills and is great batsman as well. He comes among the list of the best cricketers.


Pakistan secured their first world cup glory in 1992, under the leadership of Imran Khan. He has top-notch bowling skills. He is among the best cricketers of all time and Pakistani cricket team.


The greatest leg spinner of all time is Shane Warne. The batsmen dodged by his bowling for around 708 times. He has set the benchmark for the upcoming leg spinners.


Brian Lara is an ultimate batsman of all the time in ODI and test series. He has scored highest 400 runs in an inning of test cricket and has mastered the best bowlers in the world.


Sanath is an all-rounder and tactful player of all time. His aggressive batting and spin bowling are the strong sides of his cricket career. He has played over 400 matches in ODI. His name also comes under the domain of best cricketers of all time.


He is considered as “the wall” for his best defensive techniques in the world of cricket. He has scored  50 runs 194 times in his career of cricket. Rahul Dravid has scored 13,000+ runs in test cricket.


The power pack batsmen of all time, when it comes to batting Chris Gayle is considered to be one of the best cricketers. No one can hit the ball with so much of gravitas the way Gayle does.


Australia has won two world cup under the captaincy of Ricky Ponting. He is known as Punter and has scored 27,000+ runs and centuries in his book of achievements. He has dodged off all the best bowlers.