Ten most popular beautiful flowers in the world : What is Your Favorite Flower Color?


    Top Ten most popular beautiful flowers in the world

    Most Popular Beautiful Flowers: ‘Who likes the flowers, a stupid question to ask. Everyone likes the flowers for its beautiful colors and the fragrance creates aroma nearby. We love flowers and share them with loved ones on many occasions. People like many different flowers on many events but there are flowers like red rose extremely popular in the world. Due to a distinct variety of flowers and its fragrance, we distinguish them and use for different purposes.

    Here we have selected top 10 flowers, let’s find out which one is your most favorite flower:

    Ten most popular beautiful flowers in the world

    10. Bleeding Heart: Have you ever heard about a plant which bleeds through his flowers. If not, you definitely missed the opportunity to know the Bleeding Heart flower plant. It’s heart shaped pinkish red flowers looks like bleeding at the bottom. The flower have another name Valentine Bleeding Heart flower.

    Image: Bleeding Heart Flower

    09. Gazania: A most beautiful flower from South Africa region, the Gazania is often called as Treasure Flower (Gazania) also named as African Daisy and Gazania Ringens. The flower is similar to Sunflower and also acts like that. It closes during the nights and cloudy weathers when sunlight gets difficult to approach land. It is an ornamental garden plant and widely cultivated in Southern African Areas.

    Image: Gazania Flower (Treasure Flower)

    Treasure Flower! Wasn’t that interesting? Grow own treasure at home 🙂 


    08. Water Lilies: The Water Lily is among the most popular flowers on the planet. You can find out information that many of the artists portray Water Lilies in their paintings from decades. The Lilies grows up in ponds often addressed as the water-lily pond gives a prefix to its name ‘Water’. Water and Lily make the flowering plant called as Water Lillis. You can see water-lily plan in various water gardens. The blue lily is one of its most loving variety in floating aquatic plants. This includes it in most famous pond plants list too. 

    Image: Water Lily Flower

    07. Dahlia: Named after the famous botanist, the Dahlia flower grows mostly in Central Amerca Region, Mexico, and Columbia but you can find it everywhere on earth near you. Flower Dahlia is a colorful flower plant blooms generally in mid-summers in cold climate areas of North America. In Asia, you can find the Dahlia plants blooming towards the winter session in India. Dahlia is a very popular plant in India too and people grows it in home gardens and occasionally use it in gift distribution during special festive events.

    Image: Dahlia Flower

    Not found yours! There are Even more in the List 🙂


    06. Orchid Flower: Talking about the top ten most beautiful flowers in the world can’t be completed without including the famous Orchid Flower. At some occasions, the beautiful flowers of Orchids considered as a precious gifting element. Orchid Plants needs a plenty of water to bloom beautiful and colorful Orchids. In Some countries of America and Europe, there is a family tradition to grow Orchid Bouquets.

    Image: Orchid Flower

    05. Tulips:  Tulip flower is the Eurasian and North African species of bulbous plants of Water Lily family. The Tulip flowers share the meaningful message of True Elegance and Grace. Tulip flowers rise up in early summers in small bowl-shaped blossoms in many different colors. Tulip has a distinct place in many home gardens to spread love and emotional bonding within families and life partners. The Tulip flower is extremely popular the Leading Operation System Company Microsoft had included a Wallpaper of beautiful yellow Tulip Garden in its popular Windows XP version. I believe many of us could remember it, and if you can’t recall it see the picture below.

    Tulip Flower
    Image: Tulip Garden (Windows XP Wallpaper)

    04. Jasmine Flower: The Jasmine flower is not just known for its beautiful look but more for its mesmerizing fragrance. The botanical name of Jasmine is Jasminum and in India it’s named as Mogra Flower – Belle of India. Jasmine’s fragrant aroma gives it a commercial value and the Jasmine flower plant is cultivated widely for the products like perfumes, soaps and other cosmetic products. 

    Image: Jasmine Flower

    Here Comes the Top 3 Flowers from the List of Ten most popular beautiful flowers in the world


    03. Lotus: Grows on water in lakes and ponds the Lotus counted among the most precious and beautiful flower in the world. According to Hindu religion it is the favorite flower of Goddess Laxami (Goddess of Wealth). The Lotus flower is also the national flower of India and shares a sacred place in society.  Lotus is grown world-wide and it is considered as top 10 cultivated flower plants in the world also 4th most grown flower plant in Asia.

    Image: Lotus Flowerr
    Image: Lotus Flowerr

    02. Plumeria: Named as Champa in India the Plumeria flower is a most popular flower species on planet. It have some names like Lei Flower and Frangipani Flower. The Plumeria flowers grows in small plants and blossoms in springs in many different colors. A very high fragrance makes the flower plant more popular and makes it an ornamental plant. Plumeria is a tropical flower plant and can grow at any household.

    Plumeria Flower
    Image: Plumeria Flower
    Image: Plumeria Flower
    Image: Plumeria Flower

    01. Rose: Incomparable, unbeatable the Rose Flower stands first in the row of top ten most beautiful flowers in the world. Rose is the symbol of love and friendship in the world. The Red roses are the most popular variety of Rose. Rose flower plant share the highest cultivation of floral plants in world. Due to its popularity and wonderful fragrance around the garden makes it the best flower plant of the gardens. It is definitely the first among top ten most popular beautiful flowers in the world

    Rose Flower
    Image: Rose Flower

    That’s completes the list Top Ten most popular beautiful flowers in the world

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