The Fear Factor


So, you think you fear nothing. Do you like to face challenges and no perilous situation can make you
lose your composure? Try “The Fear Factor”. The game show pits contestants against one other as they perform daring stunts in an attempt to win a grand cash price.

What is Fear Factor?

The show originally aired from 2001 until 2006 and again from 2011 to 2012 and was revived again in 2017. Initially the show pitted three woman and three men against one another but during the sixth season the format was changed and from then onwards there were four, two-member teams competing in order to grab the price.

What kind of challenges do the contestants face?

Generally, the show consisted of three stunts for the contestant to perform. These stunts challenged
their physical as well as mental capability in order to select the person who was able to keep his/her composure and win the prize.

The first stunt: It was designed to put the physical capabilities of the individuals/teams. The stunt required them to perform daring acts like jumping from one building to another, collecting flags while hanging from a helicopter, etc. One man and a woman or one team was eliminated at the end of this round. The winners were decided on the basis of the number of flags collected, distance travelled, etc.

The second stunt: This stunt put the mental ability of the contestants to the test. This challenge required the participant to eat things bugs, animal parts or drink a blend of worms and cockroaches among other things. Sometimes it also involved ability to overcome pain by performing tasks such as walking barefoot on glass, getting a piercing among other things. The only way one could get
eliminated in this round is by refusing to take the challenge. The team/individual which performed
the best in this round gets a small prize.

The third stunt: The third stunt is something that the contestants would have only seen in movies before. It involves stunts which feature heights, water, vehicles or their combinations. This stunt is for preventing tie and eliminate losers.

Unbeaten team is the winner, they gets the award of $50,000 and host tell them”evidently, fear is not a factor for you”.

Sometimes during a special 90-minute episode there is a fourth stunt involved as well. This stunt didn’t involve any elimination but the winner got an additional reward. Basically, these stunts involved getting a piercing.

Special episodes

Apart from these stunts, there were special themed episodes which had their unique setting. These

 Tournament of Champions:

This pitted the winners of the episodes in the current season against one another to win $100,000.

Couples Fear Factor:

These episodes involved up to eight couples competing in a variety of settings with the winner taking home a grand prize of $1,000,000.

Million Dollar Heist:

In this episode of fear factor, the final stunt involved a van submerged in water and the contestants need to collect $ 1 million worth of gold. The team which was able to collect the most amount of gold within a time limit won the combined total of the gold collected by both the teams.

So, do you think that you have what it takes to become the most fearless person? Take the challenge and find out.