The Greatest of All Time Is Back: Nagarjuna


Anyone who watches tollywood movies would remember one face for sure because this man has been a part of tons of movies from down south. Not just that, every movie of his has been a hit on the screen and his fans just go on increasing day by day. It’s none other than Annikeni Nagarjuna. We all know him from great movies that he has given for both Bollywood and Hollywood.

All his fans must be wondering why he isn’t on the screen as much as he used to be there? Well, the guy has been entertaining us for over two decades, what more could we ask for. He is almost 60, the man deserves a break. Although, there is some good news for all his fans! All of you will very soon see Nagarjuna in a Bollywood blockbuster alongside some of the greatest actors of the industry.


Nagarjuna has been on a break for a while along with doing a tollywood movie with co-star Nani. This movie is almost done and is soon to get up on the screen for you all to see. Just like any movie he has done, this one will also be as popular with all his fans.


As soon as this movie is done, Nagarjuna will be all set to join the sets of the movie Brahmastra which is an Ayaan Mukherjee movie starring Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. The other surprise that this movie has his the best actor of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachan. He is one of the major reasons that Nagarjuna is doing this movie because he is a great friend and also one of his favorite actors.


You all will be very happy to see what this great has to offer you all on the screen. He is no stranger to Bollywood though. Nagarjuna began his career 25 years ago in the Hindi Film industry with the movie Shiva and many more after that like, KhudaGawah, Zakhm and Criminal. His last Bollywood movie was LOC Kargil in the year 2003. After that, he was only seen in many more tollywood movies. What he was waiting for was a great opportunity that would seem to be a blockbuster just like his other movies. There could not be a better moment than this for him to come back to tracks.

All the fans of Nagarjuna should be thrilled now! Your beloved hero will be on screen very soon along with some of the biggest stars, just like he is. We all will be very excited to see him back on screen doing what he loves and showing us what we love.