Top 10 Best Cheap Budget Superbikes in India 2019


    If you are a fan of riding Superbikes then surely this article is just for you. The Indian markets are flooding with different types of Superbikes. The cost of such fancy sports bikes is very high. Today, Talepost brings you the list of Top 10 Best Cheap Budget Superbikes in India.

    Top 10 Best Cheap Budget Superbikes

    10. Kawasaki Ninja 650

    This Superbike is one of the best and cheapest in the slot. The engine displacement of Kawasaki Ninja 650 is 649 cc. It also supports 6 gears which world in the manual transmission system. The maximum speed of his bike is 220 Km/h.
    Cost- 553,239 INR

    9. Honda CBR 650F

    The next most amazing and one of the best budget Superbike. The outer image of the bike’s body is not that different but surely the interior is. The maximum speed attained by Honda CBR 650F is 225 Km/h. The type of brakes on this bike are manual.
    Cost- 760,970. INR

    8. Hyosung GT650R

    This is one of the most budgeted Superbikes for all the bike lovers. The brakes inside this bike are of disc type. Its maximum speed is 210 Km/h. The engine of this bike is 647 cc.
    Cost- 509,000 INR

    7. Triumph Daytona 675R

    This bike is a new and transformed model of the same bike released in the year 2008. Triumph Daytona 675R has the engine of the capacity of 675 ccs.
    Cost- 1,273,700 INR

    6. Ducati 959 Panigale

    It is one of the top 10 best cheap budget Superbike and has an excellent appearance. The engine of Ducati 959 Panigale is very powerful. 18 kmpl is the mileage offered by the bike.
    Cost- 1,404,000 INR

    5. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

    This is one of the latest models of superbike from Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R/ It comes equipped with all the latest functions and technology. With manual transmission system, it has 6 gears.
    Cost- 1,640,000 INR

    4. Suzuki GSX – R1000

    This is another one of the best budget superbike available in India at a cheap price. It has a very sporty look. The maximum speed of the same is 299 Km/h.
    Cost-1,595,000 INR

    3. Kawasaki Ninja 1000

    The superbike by Kawasaki is one of the best and top speed model. This is one of the most highly appreciated for its powerful engine and speed.
    Cost- 1,287,000 INR

    2. MV Augusta F3 800

    This is one of the best budget superbikes and it is built in the Italian style. It proves to be a good choice for those bike riders who want to move above from the 600 cc engine.
    Cost-1,678,000 INR

    1. Honda VFR1200F

    This is one of the best and top budget superbike in India. It offers 12kmpl to its riders and has a very powerful engine.
    Cost- 1,885,725 INR