Top 10 Best Room Fresheners in India For Longtime Fragrance

best room fresheners

Room fresher comes in many different fragrances, sprays and gels. It helps to counter the foul smell in a room. There are many times a bad smell in one’s house because of diapers, wet clothes, rotten food and garbage. At this situation, Room Freshener comes to your rescue and make the environment around you relaxing and fresh.

Top 10 Best Room Fresheners in India

10. Park Avenue room freshener

Not many people are aware of the fact that Park Avenue also manufactures room fresheners other than men’s products. This product from Park Avenue is one of the top 10 best room fresheners in India and it has 100% natural fragrance. It has a wonderful smell of flowers.
Cost- 105 INR

9. Airwick Aqua Mist

The next brand on our list is Airwick Aqua Mist. It is one of the most popular brands of room freshener and it also manufactures car fragrances. The fragrance is that of natural lavenders and jasmine flowers.
Cost- 149 INR

8. Air wick’s Aqua Float

The third on our list of top 10 best room fresheners is also that of Airwick. It was a unique fragrance which is a perfect mix of ocean and floral scents. The bottle of this is available in 300 ml pack.
Cost- 105 INR

7. Odonil wild fantasy room freshener

Odonil is one of the most trusted, purchased and oldest brand of room fresheners in India and definitely in other parts of the world. The product is available in the form of a solid bar or spray bottle.
Cost- 98 INR

6. Airwick velvet rose

The Velvet Rose room freshener from Airwick is one of the top 10 best brands of room fresheners in India. It is not like any other rose freshener but also has a different touch of rose smell and will always keep your house/room fresh.
Cost- 99 INR for the solid form and 149INR in the electric spray bottle.

5. Airance automatic air freshener

Gone are the days, when there were just the standard style of room fresheners. Now, Airance Automatic Air Freshener is the one which keeps on letting the fragrance float in the room after regular interval of time.
Cost- 2998 INR

4. Odonil Room freshener

This is the most standard room freshener with excellent fragrance to keep the foul smell away from the room. It comes in teh form of a spray bottle. There are many different fragrances such as lily, lavender, rose, jasmine and many others.
Cost- 60-110 INR

3. Godrej Aer Room freshener

Another one of the top 10 best brands of room freshener in India is Godrej Aer Room freshener. It comes in the form of a liquid spray in 300 ml bottle with various fragrances. The packaging of this product is very attractive.
Cost- 140 INR

2. Ambi Pur Room freshener

This brand dominated the market of room fresheners not only in India but also world wide because of its wonderful fragrances. They come at a bit costly price, but is worth it. They make the air inside a room very pure and refreshing.
Cost- 169 INR

1. Airwick electric room freshener

The top-most and number one brand of room freshener in India is Airwick electric room freshener. Some of its most preferred fragrances are,
Mystic sandal and jasmine, and Lavender dew drops. All this is available at a very minimal cost.
Cost- 99 – 200 INR