TOP 10 Best Watch Brands For Men in India 2019

Best Watch Brands in India

These days wearing wrist watches is the favourite thing everyone does, it is trending everywhere, earlier watches were a symbol of guiding with the perfect time but as of now watches symbolize status and adds on to a person’s psyche. Because flaunting a branded watch is much more important than spending money on it these days! So here is a list of best watch brands for men that are known to be the best ones –

Here are the Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Men:



Fossil is one of the well-known brands for watches and lifestyle, it is an American company that creates classic and vintage designs. The watches are of superior and fine quality that adds good brand value and experience to the person using it. Men who adore sporty watches and are always in a sporty attitude Fossil watches gives them the best of look and confidence and add a charm to their style and status.


2. ROLEX –

These watches are crafted from the finest raw materials and every component is placed in a different manner to give the watches a Royal Look. Rolex has a hatful of and best of brand watches with numerous design suiting people according to their preference. Be it any working professional or any college going boy every person has a craze for Rolex watches.


It is one of the branded watches that has targeted its market all around the world and even the scientists at NASA! The brand came into existence in the year 1903 and has built an eye-catching image in the market and has a different range of stylish watches that are worth buying and using!


It is a premium that was formed in the year 1921 and has an addition to a lot of designer watches. The brand basically is of Italy and owing a Gucci watch is like having a good status symbol in the market The brand has an abundance of desirable watches that are well known for their features and uses.


It is another well known and the best watch brand that has created a good market segment and a variety of watches for wearing. It is prominent amongst the youth as the brand makes cool and classy watches that are mostly preferred by college-going and teenage boys. It can be easily bought online or any outlets of Titan and various leading brands of watches.


The brand was introduced in the year 1946 in Japan and later on, it captured the almost market targeting the young men and became the market leader. Some of the stunning watches of the brand Casio are as follows Casio Support, G Shock, Wave Captor, Sheen and Edifice. The watches come in an affordable range so that any person can easily buy and use without thinking twice.


Titan is a leading Indian brand for watches, that deals in fine and high quality of watches. Titan is one of the well known and widely available brands in India. It has more than 300 retail centres all over the country. The brand has gained its trust all over the country from the maximum population due to its amazing services and watches.


The company is based in Le Sentier and is one of the best watch brands. It has been in Switzerland since 1833. It is famous for fine timepieces with a great range of watches and amazing designs too. The watches they sell are durable and every watch shares a different story behind its making!


The brand came into existence with a big boom as it was got fame due to its brand name as well as fine quality watches. The brand is known for style and wearing Armani watches is like pride for many people. Apart from normal watches the brand has touch screen watches as well that makes it even more superior.


If we talk about affordable and the best watch brands, the citizen is the brand that needs to be considered because it is a popular choice amongst all Indian men these days. The brand is recognized for being a leader in the market due to its technological innovations and features than other brands.