Top 10 Delhi Food Items One Must Try


Delhi is a city where one can spot tasty street food on every corner. It is a known fact that most of the people in Delhi are foodies. Be is Delhi Chaat or rolls and much more, they all are mouth-watering and full of taste. Today, Talepost brings you the list of the Top 10 Delhi food items, which one must try.

Top 10 Delhi Food Items One Must Try

1. Chaat

It is one of the most loved and most popular street food of Delhi. A person can easily spot streets of Delhi occupied with Chaat vendors every time. People of Delhi are just in love with the sweet and spicy Aalo Tikkis, Gol Gappas and much more. if visiting Delhi, one must taste the yummy Delhi Chaat.

2. Chole Kulche

If you ever feel hungry in the streets of Delhi, then one thing you can always cout upon is Chole Kulche. It is in some sense staple food for people in this city. One can head to Chandini Chowk to taste one of the best Chole Kulche. Hence, surely it is one of the top 10 Delhi Food items one must try.

3. Kulfi

Yes, during the hot summer season and also in winters, one can relish the milky Kulfi. One can come across different varieties and flavors. It is surely a delight and therefore, one of the top 10 Delhi food items.

4. Paranthas

The very famous gali in Delhi is Paranthe wali gali in Old Delhi. Paranthe wali gali has been visited by many famous celebrities in India. Even the foreigners who visit Delhi, are always keen to taste the different varieties of stuffed paranthe in Delhi.

5. Jalebi

When it comes to sweets, Delhi people surely have a sweet tooth. Delhi is just the perfect place to try out hot and crispy Jalebi along with Rabri. Old Delhi has few shops which are famous for years for this sweet. Hence, Jalebi is one of the top 10 food items in Delhi.

6. Butter Chicken

How is it possible that a person comes to Delhi and does not taste Butter Chicken. There are many restaurants and local street shop serving the most juicy and tasty Butter Chicken with naan and roti to eat.

7. Biryani

Well, who doesn’t love Biryani for a meal? Delhi is famous for its veg and also non-veg Biryani. The taste and aroma are very much overwhelming. Biryani is, therefore, one of the top 10 Delhi food items.

8. Momos

Just by reading the name Momos on our screen gets our mouth watery. There are varieties of momos in Delhi as as steamed, veg, non-veg, fried, gravy and much more to taste.

9. Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is the next name of the dish on the list of top 10 Delhi food items. Be it any occasion or not, Chole Bhature is more like a traditional food of Delhi.

5. Veg and Non-veg Rolls

We are sure, you must have come across veg and non-veg rolls being made in many streets of Delhi. This food item is a perfect blend of spice and sauces. Hence, Rolls is one of the top 10 Delhi food items.