Top 10 expensive Metals in the World

Most Expensive Metals

Expensive Metals on Earth: Ever wondered about the precious metals found on earth other than gold and silver? We bring you the list of top 10 expensive metals in the world.

1. Rhodium

It is denoted by the symbol Rh. Rhodium is the most rare and expensive metal in the world. It also comes under the category of noble metals and is a member of the platinum group of metals. This metal is mainly found in South Africa, Russia. Every year almost 30 tons of Rhodium is produced in the world.

Price: $350,000 per KG

Uses: Automobile industry, Glass industry, torch lights, jewelry finishing.

2. Gold

Gold is denoted by the symbol Au. It is regarded as the second most expensive metal because of its high malleable and ductile properties properties. This metal is of reddish yellow color.

Price: $42000 per KG                                                                       :                             Uses: used in making Jewelry, as money or indirect deposits, Electronics, Medicines and Cuisine.

3. Platinum

It is denoted by the symbol Pt. Platinum is regarded as the most nonreactive and expensive metal. The top producers of platinum are South Africa, Russia and some large deposits are also available in India.                                                                                   Price: $25,870 per KG                                                                                                     Uses: Catalyst, Dental prostheses, in electric industry and Jewelry.

4. Ruthenium

Ruthenium is donated with the symbol of Ru. It belongs to the category of platinum group and is the rarest transition and expensive metal found on earth. Each year roughly 12 tonnes are mined throughout the world.                                                                          Price:$ 3,196 per KG                                                                                                       Uses: Catalysis, Solar cells

5. Iridium

Iridium is denoted with the symbol of Ir. It is also a member of platinum group of metals. It is a highly corrosion-resistant element. This important and expensive metal was found in 1803. The main producers of this metal are South Africa, Russia, Canada.                                                                                                                                 Price: $35,506 per KG                                                                                                    Uses: Medicine, Electronic and Automobile industry

6. Palladium


Palladium is denoted by the symbol Pd. It is a silvery white metal. It can be found in Australia, Ural Mountains, etc. This expensive metal has a very low melting point.

Price:$28,475 per KG

Uses: used in medical, jewelry, dentistry, etc.

7. Rhenium

It is denoted by the symbol of Re. It is silvery-grey in color and heavy transitive metal. Rhenium is also regarded as one of the dense and expensive metals known. This metal is found in Chile, Germany and United Kingdom.

Price: $10,000,000 per KG

Uses: Used in making devices that control the temperature such as thermostat.

8. Osmium

Osmium is denoted by the symbol Os. During the process of extraction of platinum metal from its ore, Osmium is obtained. This metal is found in the riverbed sands of Urals, South America and North America.

Price: $13,000 per KG

Uses: This expensive metal is used to make instrument pivots, phonograph needles, electrical contacts and the nip of the fountain pen.

9. Silver

Silver is denoted by the symbol Ag. It is highly malleable and ductile. Most noteworthy attribute of this metal is one of the best reflectors. Silver, the expensive metal is found in China, Australia, Peru, Serbia, Mexico and Chile.

Price:$477.17 per KG

Uses: used in making jewelry, utensils, dental equipment.

10. Plutonium

Plutonium is denoted by the symbol Pu. This expensive metal when exposed to air, it reacts to form oxides and hydrides. It is found in in the nuclear deposits of Gabon, Africa.

Price: $5 Million per kg

Uses: Mostly used as a fuel in nuclear plants.