Top 10 HOLLYWOOD SONGS of 2018


Music is something which replenishes the joy of living and gives a new meaning to life. It is the remedy of a person’s dull, monotonous life. Music is something which rejuvenates a person’s mental state and enables him/her to work at a greater pace. Since ancient times, the role of music in a person’s life is quite significant. From a senior citizen to a small child, everyone just mesmerizes in the world of music. Thus, it is insignificant to state the vivid diversity of the advantages of music.

Music doesn’t understand language, religion, caste, nationality-what it understands is the inner well being of a person through the musical notes, entering briskly into our ears and making us the victims of its great serenity and attractive nature. Thus, Music is something which gives a new hope of living and heals the world to make our world a better place for all the generations to come.

The top 10 Hollywood songs of 2018 are as follows:-
  • Lightning Strike:-

    It is the most trending English song from alternative rock band Snow Patrol’s fifth album “A Hundred Million Suns”. With the lyrics of the Gary Light Body, a composition of Snow Patrol, Judas Priest sang this amazing song.

  • SOLO(Clean Bandit):-

    A British Band “Clean Bandit” composed and sang this trending song of 2018, featuring Demi Lovato. Where Grace Chatto and Jack Peterson were the lyricists.

  • Friends:-
    It is the trending song released on 9th Feb 2018, produced and sung by American Music producer “Marshmello” and Anne-Marie.
  • God’s Plan: It is the trending song sung by Canadian Musician Drake. Released on 19th Jan 2018, Aubrey Graham, Ronald Latour, Daveon Jackson and Noah Shebib were the lyricists and Cardo, the producer.
  • In My Blood:- 

    A Canadian singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes sang this song where Geoff Warburton was the lyricist with Teddy Geiger, the composer. It was released on 22nd March 2018 as the third album of the famous singer “Mendes”.

  • Say Something:- 

    An American singer, Justin Timberlake sang this song, featuring Chris Stapleton on the vocals. It was written and produced by Timberlake and Floyd Hills and was released on 25th Jan 2018.

  • Back to You:- 

    The very popular and beautiful American singer, Selena Gomez sang this song, released on 10th may 2018. The lyricists were Amy Allen, Gomez and Warrington with Trackside handling the production of the song.

  • Love Lies:- 

    American singers Khalid and Normani sang this song, released on 14th Feb 2018. Taylor Parks And Jamil Chammas were the lyricists with Charli, Handsome and Chammas handling the production of the song.

  • For You:-  

    English singers, Rita Ora and Liam Payne sang this one of the trending songs from the soundtrack of “Fifty Shades Freed”. Released on 5th Jan 2018 where Ali Payami and Andrew Watt were the lyricists with Payami and Petter Karlson as Producers.

  • Sick Boy:-

    The very famous American Band “The ChainSmokers” sand this top-rated song of the year. The song was released on 17th Jan 2018 where The Chainsmokers, Tony Ann and Emily Warren were the lyricists with production being handled by Shaun Frank.

So, here the list ends. Listen to these songs and enjoy! Have a great day!