Top ten hollywood thriller movies in 2018



There is something about all those full of suspense Hollywood thrillers that have us on our toes in the wake of knowing what might happen next. What makes a good thriller movie good is not just the person playing the part in it, it’s everything from the background music to the story line. Some of these Hollywood thriller movies have really hit the mark with all of this in 2018.

The Red Sparrow

Movies that are based on books are expected a lot because the books are that good and this one has done everything right. It’s about a girl who goes from taking care of her ill mother to becoming the best agent at the Russian intelligence. Her life goes from 0 to 100 in seconds and that is what Jennifer Lawrence portrays in the movie.

A quiet place

As the name of the movie suggests, it’s a supernatural Hollywood thriller that features an evil spirit which follows sound so a family living on the farm tries to hide from it by staying quite throughout and if they make a sound, their life is in utter danger.


You will go insane watching this movie because the story line is thrilling and the whole movie has been shot on Iphone 7 plus! You will see a woman in this film who is haunted by her interactions with her stalker and how she tries to escape it and can’t.

Game night

This one is of the greatest thrillers of 2018 and shows a group of friends who get together to play a game every night but one night it all goes downhill when one of them is kidnapped by burglars. The mystery will eat your brains alive and engage you entirely into it.


Even the name of this movie is quite intriguing and so is the storyline which revolves around a husband wife’s relationship. The thrilling part is that the movie has 10 parts to it and something new is revealed in each.

Den of thieves

If you love action and thrill then this is the perfect Hollywood thriller movie for you. You will feel as though you are in the movie as the action and drama is just too much. The corrupt cop in this movie tries to take down a group of robbers who are planning on robbing the Federal Reserve bank. The movie shows how he goes about it.

The commuter

What would you do if someone tells you to identify a hidden passenger and you end up in a crime conspiracy at the end? This is what happens in the movie where an insurance salesman finds himself in a pickle in this same situation.

Breaking In

When life throws so much at you and you wonder how long will it last? This is what the movie is about, a girl goes from dealing with her father’s death to moving in his estate and then finally knowing that someone is trying to rob it all. How she handles it all is shown in the movie. This Hollywood thriller will risen your heart beat and will induce a shiver in your body.


Very less political thrillers make it to the top and this one has with this exciting storyline which shows a former diplomat in the city of Beirut, saving his colleagues from what destroyed his whole family.

The hurricane heist

A person gets baffled when two problems strike at the same time. Watching this movie which has a disastrous hurricane hitting the city and a $600 million robbery on the way, you will definitely love it.

These famous Hollowood thriller movies will keep you glued on the TV screen for a long time.