Top 10 Home Water Purifiers in 2018: Best Water Purifiers for Home

Best Water Purifiers for Home

Through ages, humans have built many technologies and have survived the harsh climates on its basis but initially. He was provided with elements such as water without which he couldn’t have survived so long. The quality of the water, however, has changed a lot since then. It is imperative now to purify it before drinking. Here is a list of top ten water purifiers for home uses: –

  1. Kent Grand plus: – This extraordinary water purifier comes with a capacity of eight liters. Based on the high-end technology of Reverse Osmosis (RO). UV water purifier Backed with advanced TDS controller for water purification this is undoubtedly one of the finest filters.purifiers

  2. Bluestar majesto: – Comes with an extraordinary black variant. This RO water purifier is known far and wide for enhancing the taste of the mineralized water. The only downside is the design of the tap. The customer reviews say that it removes the bitterness of the mineralized water.purifiers

  3. Livpure Glo: – This high-end aqua water purifier comes with a capacity of 12L/hour filtration rate. The advantage of such a purifier is that it does not eradicate all the important minerals needed in the human body.purifiers

  4. Livpure PEP pro: – This latest water purifier is often used as a domestic water purifier and has the ability to sound an UV failure alarm. It also clears up to 2000 ppm and also has a voltage range of 140V-300V.purifiers

  5. Kent Grand: – The latest water purifier when it comes to water purifiers for home is the Kent Grand. With its fully automatic system and a hassle-free efficient purification system, Kent has marked its presence.purifiers


  1. HUL pureit classic: – In the list of top 10 water purifiers’ pureit surely finds a place as it has a six-stage water purification system and TDS protection up to 1800 ppm. It has a capacity of 5 liters and that serves a family of four well enough. When it comes to budget-friendly water purifiers for home, pureit gives one of the finest filters.purifiers

  2. Kent Ace Mineral: – While talking about water purifiers for home, we cannot overlook this absolutely budget friendly Kent product. With a capacity of 7 liters and a filter change indicator, this was the first of its type. It is also equipped with a UV failure alarm and a display for a change of the filter. Presently Kent stands as a market leader in home water purifiers in India. purifiers

  3. HUL Pureit advanced: – Has a very good filtration rate of 9-12 liters per hour as compared to its price. The water filter machine is efficient enough to deal with both big and small impurities, however, viruses are neglected. So, the water is not as pure as the RO+UV filtered water. However, it serves the purposes of a home filter efficiently.purifiers

  4. Havell’s Pro RO: – This water filter finds its place among the best water filters as it comes with a detachable tank and fully automatic approach. It has a remarkable capacity of 15 liters per hour and 8 liters as storage.purifiers

  5. Aquaguard Genius: – With facilities such as Intel e-boiling and biotron, this water purifier for homes is the best water filter out there with an average capacity of around 15 liters per hour filtration rate make it one of the best home water purifiers avilable in market.purifiers

As the pollution increases by the minute, so does the penetration of the UV rays from the ozone layer. We as responsible citizens must pay sufficient attention to the water hygiene of the city to prevent harmful diseases from creeping into our happy lives.