Top 10 interesting birthday quotes for best friend


Birthdays are considered to be a very special day in everyone’s life. People celebrate it with their friends and family with great excitement and joy. However, for your best friend, your birthday is sometimes an even more special day and they leave no stones unturned to make you happy on that day. The little gesture of love can make someone’s birthday; it can be a greeting card, small gifts, birthday post on social media or a text message. However, all these things require handwritten birthday wishes and quotes.  Writing down birthday quotes for best friend can sometimes be a difficult choice as you always want to keep it a bit personal and yet interesting. Here are some of the best quotes to include in the birthday wishes for your best friend:

  1. Cheers to another year of laughing until our face hurts, dealing with heartbreaks and hating the same kind of people while keeping each other imperfectly sane. Happy Birthday Best Friend!


After all we’ve all ranted our hearts out to our best friends, dealt with our sorrows and problems together and even judged the same people together; probably the reason you are best friends. Don’t forget to remind your best friend their value in your life.


  1. Not just best friend, you are my support system, my human diary, my punching bag, and my human being! Happy Birthday, troublemaker!


The good time and the bad times, best friend is someone who stays for all of it and never leaves your side and neither can you no matter what. Give that assurance through this birthday quote for best friend on their birthday.

  1. Years come and go, but your birthday cake comes only one day. Happy birthday Best friend!

Another birthday brings another cake to hog upon. What’s better than finishing up a cake all by you anyway?


  1. All my wishes to you this birthday best friend and congratulations on having an amazing, spectacular and beautiful person as your best friend; you’re lucky!


We all are a little too self-obsessed, aren’t we?


  1. Every Day you sparkle, but today you rule! Happy birthday best friend, seize the day; for its all yours!


Set the tilted crown of your best friend and remind them what they are worthy of!


  1. This birthday, if life gives you lemons, gulp down tequila shot with it!


Every celebration calls for shots! Don’t they?

  1. May your day be more beautiful than a unicorn farting rainbows.


Best birthday quotes are incomplete with a tint of added pun.


  1. Like a fine wine, you get better with age or rather you feel better about your age with lots of wine!


Friendships only get better with time and so does birthdays.


  1. I will sing happy birthday for you so loudly that you’ll wish you’d never been born.


Best friends tend to be the most annoying one around.



  1. Knowing someone as smart, intelligent and fantastic as me; is obviously the only present you need.


The additional touch of self-obsession is necessary to keep the magic alive in the best quotes.