Top 10 Men’s Wallet Brands in the World


When it comes to buying wallets, men can be pretty choosy and picky about it!

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Unlike women, there are only a limited number of items a guy has access about brands and all. And wallets happen to be one of the most important ones in that category. A wallet is a pretty indispensable part of a man’s life and considering that perspective, a good brand is required. There are many good men’s wallet brands available all around the world, and here we shall discuss the different kinds of wallet brands present, and which deserve to be in the top ten among them:-

1. Mont Blanc

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Mont Blanc is very well known for all its mighty pens, but its wallets are pretty much well-known by the true connoisseurs of leather. It’s perfectly handcrafted and imported leather is made with qualified hands and premium quality thread. The wallets come in many innovative designs and are mostly made in traditional black calfskin leather, which is an instant hit with the public. Though a bit pricey, they are well worth the cost with their 7 years warranty.

2. Gucci

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This is one brand that has managed to enthrall both the men and women for decades. Gucci is the symbol of classy elegance and everlasting sophistication. Their wallets are made to stun and contain many different types of innovative styles and pocket flaps. The Gucci wallet is often a precursor to many modern wallets because of its revolutionary features. It is one of the most iconic leather wallet brands for men, with its awesome canvas print.

3. Hugo Boss

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Any list of the world’s top ten wallet brands is rather empty without the presence of Hugo Boss. With the amazing quality and texture of leather used, Hugo boss is definitely one of a kind.

4. Alpine Swiss

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It is one of the most popular wallet brands in the world. The wallets made are durable, stylish and are compartmentalized in a way to give you the maximum storage space in a wallet without looking bulky and uncomfortable.

5. BellRoy

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It is a comparatively new brand among all these stalwarts; however, its quality is definitely top notch. With its amazing variety of slim wallets available for all stations of life, men definitely can trust having a BellRoy wallet for a lifetime with their affordable prices and an infinite range of designs.

6. Tommy Hilfiger

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It is an expensive but renowned brand. Tommy Hilfiger wallets have a certain kind of swagger and give off an appeal of its own.

7. Coach. Inc.

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Being one of the oldest companies in the world, Coach. Inc. knows to make all kinds of premium quality leather wallets, with panache and class.

8. Hentley

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This Australian brand is well known for creating some of the most amazing wallets known to the world. It has amazing kangaroo leather slim wallets as its main USP.

9. Timberland

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Whether it’s an official-looking wallet or trendy one, look no further than Timberland to find the right one for you! Timberland wallets are the perfect combination of classy, trendy and beautiful.

10. Tom Ford

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Nobody makes the classic bi-fold wallet better than Tom Ford. This company knows how to make the actual definition of a “manly wallet.”

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Intrigued yet? Go ahead, a whole new world of sophistication and elegance waits in the trusty item that you will always carry in your pocket or gift to a special someone!