Top 5 banned Advertisements in India


Advertisements have been part of televisions ever since serials and movies. They endorse the product and show us how they are useful and why should a person buy them. Advertisement plays an important role in any product’s sale. A good advertisement will have a lasting impression on a viewer’s mind and that person will check out that product. But not all advertisements have a decent way of promoting the product. There are few advertisements that found a problem in finding their view of telecasting because of the breaking of moral norms. So here are few of the advertisements that found trouble because they were too obscene for Indian critics.

  • Amul Macho ‘Ye to bada toing h’

Amul macho is a well-known underwear brand for men. In this particular advertisement, a woman is seen washing her husband’s underwear exhibiting some sexually suggestive expressions. The words ‘Ye to bada toing h’ kept on playing in the background. Needless to say, IB minister of India banned this advertisement in initially. They afterwards Advertisement Standard Council of India gave its consent to release the ad.

  • Oldest and Boldest

One of the boldest advertisement at a very early time was for Tuff shoes. This footwear and had MilindSoman and MadhuSapre posing nude fondling each other. The only thing covering them was a python and of course the shoes. Not only people protested against the obscenity of the ad but even the un-moral use of python became a hot topic of debate. A case was filed against the ad and it went on for 14 years. After that, the judge finally declared the ad company as not guilty.

  • Fastrack ‘Move on’

Fastrack is known to make sexually bold ads. Same was the case with this particular ad of 2011. In this ad, Virat Kohli is seen depicting a pilot and Genelia D’Souza is depicting an air hostess. In the ad, Genelia seduces Virat and succeeds in it. They both make out in the cockpit while the plane is still in midair. This ad received a lot of criticism from aviation companies but none of the claims was withheld.

  • What an Idea Sir Ji!

An advertisement for Idea became a hot topic in 2011. In the ad, Abhishek Bachchan is discussing the problem of overpopulation in India with his friend and blames power cuts and lack of entertainment resources for it. According to the ad when men cannot see TV and feels bore they make love with their wives and hence get them pregnant. Thus the population keeps on increasing so to reduce it, people should buy Idea Sims for fast internet thus avoiding boredom.

  • Zatak Her

In this ad, a bride is waiting for her husband on the day of Suhagraat. Suddenly she smells a fragrance so irresistible that she goes to the window and sees her neighbour off the shirt. The fragrance is so enchanting that she starts feeling a sexual excitement and starts removing her jewellery and making sexual suggestions at the neighbour. The ad faced a lot of criticism from feminist organizations in India.