Top 5 Poorest Countries in world: here poverty dwells


In the world talking and comparing the richest country of the world we somewhere or the other we forget about the poorest country that lacks behind in this race .there are many poor countries around the globe.  World Bank decides the condition of the country by looking for overall development. There are many countries that have a very good GDP and accordingly counted in the category of poor countries.

Here are few countries to discuss the poverty and their condition

South Sudan


Republic of South Sudan or South Sudan is a country in east-central Africa. South Sudan is known to be one of the poorest countries in the world.  This country gained its Independence in the year 2011. South Sudan is a very unstable country. The economy of South Sudan is very weak and underdeveloped and surely can be called a one of the weakest economy. There are nearly 50% of the population of South Sudan that is illiterate .it has GDP per capita of $246.


Top 5 Poor Countries in world

Republic of Burundi or Burundi is a country that is present in the region of East Africa.  The capital of Burundi is Bujumbura. Burundi also comes under the most underdeveloped country in the world.  This country got its freedom in 1962. This country is still in its recovering mode for 11 years of war. Settling thing for this country is hard. Burundi have very low per capita gross income. GDP of this country, Burundi is $ 339. GDP rates itself shows the condition of the country.


Top 5 Poor Countries in world

Malawi is a country located in southeastern Africa. This country faces many problems and is also counted in the poorest countries of the world. This country’s most of the population, nearly 90 % of the population dwells in a rural area. This population purely depends on the agriculture and farming activities. This country suffers a lot due to its poverty and difficult living. This country has the GDP rate of $342.

The central African RepublicTop 5 Poor Countries in world

The central African Republic is basically a country in central Africa. It is a very poor country. Central African Republic is a country with a GDP of $425. This country’s maximum people live under the poverty line. They basically sustain on the foreign donors. This country’s life is also helped by various NGOs. It has a very bad condition at many places in the country.



Yemen is a poor country in the Middle East.  This country lies in the Arab state in western Asia. This country is the second largest country in the peninsula. Poverty in Yemen is highest among another Arab world. This country is not improving even after being helped. This country lacks many important and basic resources. It has the GDP of $449. Yemen lacks the fresh water in the area and nearly most of the area of Yemen is rurally lacking proper sanitation and all.