Top 7 Banks for opening a Saving Account in India: Helping You Out

Banks for saving accounts

Today’s scenario has changed the lifestyles in every possible way. Everyone Now wants to save their earnings and want to secure their future. There are many banks all over India providing many policies. A person looks for the bank that will provide flexibility in depositions and in the process of withdrawal, good Interest rates, and friendly policies. Choosing the right bank and policy will help you forever and will manage your financial status and will provide stability for the future.

Here listed are some of best Banks to open a saving account:

Top 7 Banks for opening a Saving Account in India

State bank of India

Saving Account


State bank of India is India’s largest bank which caters to the diverse needs of the people. It is widely spread nearly in every part of India. This bank provides the customer with many facilities like management, trading, and insurance policies.  This bank nearly has many branches all over India. It is estimated to be 14000 branches. This Bank’s beaches can also be seen in the remote area. It nearly has 20000 ATM’s all over India. This bank provides with the good interest rates for opening a saving account.

ICICI bank


Saving Account



ICICI bank is one of the fast-growing private sectors in India. Its growth is remarkable and is the largest sector. Its inception date is of 1994. This bank also provides you with flexibility in deposits and serve as the good bank for savings. It has 4000 branches all over India and nearly 13200 ATM’s.

Punjab national bank

Saving Account

This bank is the private sector that is doing well in India. Punjab national bank is a nationalized bank that nearly has more than 6500 branches all over India. It provides with the facility of loans for various reasons like education, home etc.  This bank has 2500 ATM’s as such.


Saving Account

HDFC Bank was established in 1994. It is a private sector of India. HDFC bank has Good saving account goals and is also popular for home loans. This bank has gained popularity in past few years. This bank’s beaches nearly counts up-to 5000.

Canara bank


Saving Account


Canada bank is a national sector bank that has 4000 branches spread all over India. Establishment of this bank traces back in the year 1969. This bank is capable of providing good saving account and their policies are also very good.  It has 5000 ATM’s.

Bank of Baroda

Saving Account

Bank of Baroda is a nationalized bank.  This bank serves 4000 branches in India. This bank’s two accounts are very popular, those are Baroda premium account and Baroda salary account.  This bank has 2000 ATM’s all over India.

Axis bank

Saving Account

Axis bank is one more private sector bank in India. This bank has nearly 2500 branches in India .this banks keep pace with the IT sector. This bank is also good at providing saving account .this bank has grabbed attention for providing saving accounts at very good policies.