Top 7 Craziest Moments in Tennis History


There are always scenes in the history of sports that tickle our funny bones. Be it of any player. Every now and then in games, such scenes happen that let our funny bones activated. Here is the list of top 7 craziest moments in Tennis history –

  1. Agassi and Federer:

Well if you aren’t even a tennis fan, still this amusing talk will tickle your funny bones. Here Agassi is telling Federer about his hair and his flick that’s bothering him for a while during the match. You’ll get to see a lot of funny antics from Agassi’s side.

  1. Djokovic role play of Sharapova:

Laugh out loud is not even enough when you see Djokovic mimicking Sharapova for her antics and way of serving. He is quickly giving us a glimpse of how witty and interesting he could be between the match. All eyes in the stadium are set upon him when he was doing that antic act of Sharapova.

  1. Johanna Konta:


In amidst of a match in an instant, Johanna Konta started staring at her thighs and there’s a fly out there. She amused the audience with her funny antics. The audience looked at her with sheer amazement and can’t control their laughter.

  1. Nadal got a proposal from the audience:

Hey, Nadal will you marry me? Screamed one girl from the audience and there he is with his cute smile. The audience was laughing their lungs out on it and he was then busy with his game, with that breath-taking smile on face.

  1. Rafael Nadal’s loyal fan:

You must have heard of fans screaming for their idol celebrities. But you must haven’t even heard of a fan just quietly looking at Nadal standing at his side. She was just quietly observing him, and he was busy doing his chores.

  1. Serena Williams and Sharapova:

Well, here the fans get ear treat when both Serena Williams and Sharapova had a screaming contest in between an ongoing game. We at times become confused about the games going on in between the serious game. But surely the audience got a nice time watching these two doing silly things.

  1. Ball in the eye of the referee:

It wasn’t much fun though, but the scene was humorous. The players were even amazed to see the scene created by them. everyone out there is in laughs when this scene happened.