Top 8 Most Industrialized Countries in the World By Growth

most industrilized countries in the world

Most Industrialized Countries in World

Most Industrialized countries represent the growth of a nation. Industrial revolution which once started with Europe witnessed no halt ever since. The world has seen a huge progress due to the industrialization which has led to the advancements in multiple sectors on the world. Along industrialization, there has been am improvement I the overall living standards with better education and improvement in the medical facilities. Some of the top most industrialized countries of the world are the following:

USA Industrilization

1. Unites States of America

USA leads on top among most industrialized countries of the world. It is the world’s largest economy by far. The presence of USA in the world affairs plays a vital role and it has bilateral relations with all the nations. The USA has achieved a tremendous industrial growth after World War II.

2. Japan

Japan retains its status of the most industrialized nation in Asia. The growth and development of China has not been able to pull the status of Japan down. Japan is known for its excellence in all fields and the reason can be seen in its people who are extremely disciplined and hard working. There is a strong work ethic in Japan.

3. Germany

Germany is the largest economy in whole of Europe. The reason for the status of the largest economy is due to its gigantic manufacturing industries of cars, aircraft and other large-scale items. Germany is the leading exporter of the world for its are well-known brands .

4. United Kingdom

This archipelago little nation from the Europe continent is actually is the birthplace of the industrial revolution. It has a host of industries and companies that have a significant global presence and is the center of the English speaking individuals from all over the world.

5. France

France is known to be the largest and the most influential global economies in the world making it one of the most industrialized countries of the world. It produces a fine and high class from high cuisines to ubiquitous wine industry along with some high flying fashion brands. The country is a leading host of prominent national cinema, media industry and well known technology-based industries.

6. Italy

Italy has not been witnessing an industrial growth for a while now, infact there have been instances of the downfall in its growth in some years. Despite the fact Italy is well known for some of the most prominent industries of the world. Italian cuisine, high end fashion brands, perfume brands, media arts and car manufacturing brands are some of the sought after industries in Italy.

7. Russia

Among the most industrialized countries of the world Russia holds a significant spot. The largest country after desolution of USSR is Russia retaining the 70% USSR’s original territory. This nation holds a monopoly in science in technology and has a large export market.

8. Canada

Second largest nation in the world in terms of land, Canada has plenty of diverse resources. It is a prime exporter and has the most modern facilities in the world.