Top ten Greatest Books of All Times : You Must Read Once in Life

top ten greatest books




The world is filled with imagination and fantasies of people yet to be explored. We all need a little time for ourselves to let that imagination run wild. Moreover, what could be a better way to do that than reading a book? Because books are like time machines, they can take us to the world of dreams to the land of our nightmares in a matter of a few seconds. Here’s the list of “Top ten greatest books” you’ll love to read.

Top ten greatest books list

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the genre, timeline and plot of the books he or she usually read. However, there are some masterpieces that every avid reader and the beginners should give a try at least once in their lifetime. All kinds of books are a pleasure to read, but some exceptions stand out, they pave the way for the coming writers as well. They set an example and gives a permanent mark on your mind because after reading them, you won’t ever be able to get them out of your mind. Top ten greatest books of all times.

It is impossible to rank books in terms of being the greatest of all times, because of the infinite numbers of amazing pieces of works written by writers so far, but if there was such a list, you are ought to find these ten books under the title of ‘Top ten greatest books of all times’ for sure.

To Kill a Mockingbird

There’s no way you could be unfamiliar to the name of this American classic. This Pulitzer Prize-winning, a book by Harper Lee, was published in 1960, but the topics that it touches will leave many feel a relation to them in today’s world as well. Talking about the topics of rape and racial injustice and discrimination, this book is ‘too bold’ when it was first published but gained immense success because of the sensitive topic and how the characters were built up.

Through the eyes of Scout Finch, we see how her father works hard to prove the innocence of a black man accused of rape. The title might sound a little difficult to catch if you haven’t read the book already. Mockingbird here represents innocence. Through the course of the book, many characters represent mockingbirds, who were destroyed by the contact of the evil with their innocence lost. Thus, it is definitely amongst the ” Top ten greatest books of all time.

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is the type of book that is impossible to miss out. Many of us have read it school or as a part of a book club, or perhaps watched the multiple cinema adaptations made over it. Published in 1813, years from now is one of the most loved books of all times. Jane Austin is a great visionary and his writing leaves  a strong mark on whoever reads

The book closely follows the journey of the protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet, who throughout the plot learns from her hasty decisions and finally understand to appreciate life as it is. The books beautifully capture how manners, marriage, and money were like in the British Regency, humorously through the Bennet sisters and the people around them.

The Great Gatsby

Scott Fitzgerald is a master of what he does. Do you want to find out why? Then you have to read this book. You might have already seen the extravagant film production adaption of the book with Leonardo DiCaprio, but the book will blow your mind. The story of Jay Gatsby narrated by Nick Carraway, about his over the top parties and longing for Daisy, will leave you giving the book multiple reads.

The book has such beautiful details and some of the most iconic quotes in history, you will find yourself drawn towards this beauty.

War and Peace

If you have an interest in reading books over the topic of war, history and the pain that it brings along, then you will enjoy this vintage classic by Leo Tolstoy. The book tells the story of the history of the French invasion of Russia and the impact of the Napoleonic era on Tsarist society through some Russian families, the original book IS in the Russian language.


How can we proceed forward without mentioning a beautiful creation by William Shakespeare while talking about the ten greatest books?
Hamlet is set in Demark, and the setting description will leave you in awe. Though originally a play, the book has so many quotes that you might be familiar with. The story of Prince Hamlet and the element of ghosts will match your taste in you are into classics.

One Hundred Years of Solitude

  • This book by Gabriel García Márquez is an adaptation of Spanish language and later the translation is into English because of the success of the story and the uniqueness of the plot.

    The book follows the multi-generational story of the Buendía family and their patriarch who found the isolated town of Macondo, a fictional place in Colombia.This book is a knowledge window for the reader who wishes to let their imagination wild, as the story gears up in a fictional town and describes how the world is.

    Through the looking glass

After the success of Alice’s Adventures comes to the story of Alice with her fantasy world again in the form of Through the Looking Glass. Alice being the daydreamer that she was, yet again goes to the world of her imagination but this time through a mirror and experience a world so much like hers but so different at the same time.

Through this addition, Lewis Carroll portrays the way children were facing problems in Victorian England and how the rapid advancement in the country led to a society that we live in today.

Norwegian Wood

Haruki Murakami is famous for the soul touching writings of his book. Through the story of Toru Watanabe through Norwegian Wood, he manages to create the sense of nostalgia that every reader will relate to.

After listening to the song ‘Norwegian Wood’ by the Beatles, this feeling becomes strong in the heart of the protagonist. The books carry topics of being a youth in this struggling world, sexuality and the pain of losing a friend.


Another Pulitzer Prize winner on the list but this is a book like no other. There are many books which depict the times of the American Civil War. These “Top ten greatest books” depict about the hardships of the black slaves, but Beloved by Toni Morrison captures a picture of the misery of a black slave and being a black woman with a twist

This heart-wrenching book set after the civil war tells the story of Sethe and those around her. It depicts their life and how they cope up with the problems after a long, painful time as a slave. During this time the situations were brutal. But there’s a twist in the story; a ghost lives with them as well that turns the plot upside down, and it is Beloved herself, the daughter of the family.

The Harry Potter series

Though probably the most recent creations in the ” Top ten greatest books” list, no one can deny the power of J.K Rowling’s book Harry Potter in our lives. No matter how far you might run away from it, it will follow you because you will find a dedicated Potterhead around every corner. Even if you have watched the movie series, you will enjoy the time reading it as well.

The number of details that comes in the books is far beyond the moments that you’ll see on the screen. screen. The adventures of Harry and his friends in the magical school of Hogwarts will never disappoint you and bring that side of you out that craves fantasies and a world of pure imagination. These books are among the ” top ten greatest books” list ready to give you a dose of fun and knowledge.