We all have encountered the traffic police dressed in white, carrying out their monotonous tiring job with a hint of frustration for rule flouters especially when many pay the price by life. A lot of us don’t respect this job but what if, a police officer came by your window in Michael Jackson’s classic moonwalk?

Well, this crazy idea is actually 12 years old for Ranjeet Singh who have been using it to halt traffic and all the more, add some spice to Indian roads.

He started his approach of dancing while managing the traffic. At first, a lot of people were surprised and Ranjeet was greeted by head turns. With passing time, everyone started dancing to his rhythm of silky moves on pothole roads.

This unorthodox way, of handling the notorious drivers and usual gridlocks, have gained popularity. Ranjeet singh is also currently training his colleagues to adopt similar styles to not only entertain themselves at job but to keep the roads clean of rash drivers and unnecessary arguments with law enforcing officers.

Singh claims that traffic violations at high court intersection have fallen considerable to which Indian universities want to study and research on. This sensational style has also earned Ranjeet Singh 50,000 followers on facebook and visits by some famous celebrities.

Singh shows his concern for youngsters and his experience with accidents involving them “I have picked up the bodies of over 40 youngsters after accidents over the years and I feel terrible,” he said. “I just want youngsters to stay safe and follow rules.”

He feels pride in his work and adds “My parents are very proud of me for doing my job with extreme passion and with an innovative twist that includes Michael Jackson’s step,” he said.