How Training With Boys Helped Hima Das To Break Speed Records?


Hima Das- the name now needs no introduction. The latest golden girl of India, recently created history, by being the first Indian athlete to win a gold medal on the track in World Championship. The athlete has been receiving a lot of credits and appreciation for her performance on tracks. It is a proud moment for the whole nation for being recognized in the world with the glory.

Amidst the appreciation and praises for her success, Hima again became the center of talking when she relieved her training schedule. Nipon, the coach and the man behind the success, recalls the training sessions of the track sensation. According to Nipon, Hima always use to prefer being trained with boys to have better performance.

She has been different than others ever since I first spotted her – very disciplined and determined. Normally when a girl starts to train with the boys, they tend to improve their performance level. And Hima was so desperate to improve that she always wanted to run with the boys. She would do anything to better her timing,” the proud coach revealed.

Hima was always into sports. Before coming into the athletic world, Hima preferred playing football in Dhing – known as the small area in Assam’s Nagaon district. It was her hunger for being the best and distinguished than others that helped her to create history for the nation.

Nipon added to the success story of Hima by saying, “No doubt, she is gifted. But at the same time, she works so hard which makes her different from others. In her very first attempt at running 400m, she clocked 57 seconds and then I realized that I was working with a champion. She always tells me she doesn’t run after medals, she runs after the clock. As a coach, people harbored a lot of expectations from me to scout talented athletes and polish them to become champions. Thanks to Hima’s feet, she has helped me achieve my dream.”

Nipon was very clear to give Hima the best of training. Although it was Hima’s desire to be trained with the boys, Nipon also always supported her decision. With her passion to be the best than the others, Nipon wanted her to have the right frame of mind. Training with boys helped Hima to have the needed mindset for the track.

Nipon explained that training conditions for boys and girls are different than each other. Hima wanted to get trained in the extreme conditions for getting prepared for all the challenges. With every milestone during the training, she always shined brilliantly and came out as a champion. The extreme training sessions have finally paid off for her.

With the expectations of achieving all his dreams, Nipon seemed optimistic for Hima’s performance in the Asian games to be held in August. We hope Hima continue to shine the way she is shining now. Leave your views in the comment section.