Rakhi Sawant Asked Baba Ramdev To Make Vegetarian Bra And Panties For Women’s Safety


Rakhi Sawant is as furious as fire and as outspoken as the flush of moving water. You can’t hate her, neither you can love her. The utmost bomb of the Bollywood seems to cross all her limits sometimes which hurts the sentiments of the people. Her recent comments on Tanushree Dutta claiming her to be a lesbian is above the tolerance of the fans. We feel she needs to know when to speak and when to be numb so that a serious matter doesn’t turn into a catastrophic tale.

Not only her drama is funny but sometimes she does things which are really disrespectful. Right now, the drama queen is again in sensation for asking Baba Ramdev to do something which you can’t even dare to ask. Well, to a disgrace, she asked Baba Ramdev to launch vegetarian bra and panty for the women. She also says that those undergarments must have an eye sensor. The eye sensor would protect the women’s dignity. This not only sounds bizarre but completely misfit to the concept of women’s protection.

On the controversial end, Rakhi Sawant urged Baba Ramdev to launch vegetarian bra. The queen of controversy also says to a social media site that she has been active in women’s safety. This is the reason that she had recently put locks on her body. She also says that she wants to change the mind of people regarding the girl’s security.

As a disgrace, she asked Baba Ramdev to make a bra and underwear which would have a retina sensor. The bra and underwear would only open when the scanned retina would be of either the boyfriend or the husband. She also says that this is for the convenience of the woman and her husband too. She also claims that this way the husband and the wives, both would be comfortable living in society.

More of the Drama

Recently, the drama queen has made various allegations on Tanushree Dutta. No matter if the story is true or false but nobody is taking her too seriously. When the news got viral on social media, some of the commenters also said that she is taking the wrong advantage of the #meetoo movement.

However, according to the Rakhi Sawant whatever she is doing is for the sake of the Indian women and their safety. Also, she is sure about her allegations on the Tanushree Dutta. She says that she is ready for the CBI investigation for the case. She also says that she is not doing anything for the publicity stunt but to protect the women from the harassment like this.