Virat Anushka’s wedding not valid- Know why newlywed couple remarry?

Anushka's wedding not valid

Virat Anushka’s wedding not valid- Know why newlywed couple remarry?

Everyone knows about the marriage of most famous celebrities, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma but do you know that they both may have to remarry? Why? Don’t you know about the reason behind the same? Are you a big fan of such B-Town Couple? Are you really interested in knowing about their marriage assumptions? No one was aware of their secret marriage in Italy but later on, they both revealed it on their own. They both tied a knot on 11 December 2017 in Italy. What is the reason for their re-marriage which may take place? There is a chance that they both may have to marry again but why? The major reason behind their re-marriage assumption is that they both have tied a knot in Italy but did not inform or report the Indian Embassy based in Rome.

Anushka and Virat kept their relationship secret for a long ago and also tied a knot in between their own families and some special and close friends only. They have arranged the wonderful reception parties in Delhi as well as Mumbai. They both have shared their marriage photos on Twitter, later on, to make people aware of their marriage.

What can be the consequence?

Don’t you know that it may create hurdles in the registration process of their marriage? It is said that they both have made a mistake during their marriage due to which they both will have to marry again. What is this mistake? Is this a really bigger mistake? One of the reputed lawyers of Punjab and Haryana High Court, named as Hemant Kumar has revealed it by filing an RTI. Such RTI was filed on 13 December 2017. How is it possible? Why will it create problems? As the rules have been set and according to such rules and norms, if any Indian gets married in any other country then his/her marriage will be registered under the Foreign Marriage Act-1969. The marriage of such top celebrities doesn’t come under this act.

As per the rules of the state, they both may have to marry again so as to register it. Both need to do the court marriage as per the assumptions. They need to complete about 36 documents with 8 photographs of both of them. Further, they will also need to get two witnesses excluding from their own relatives. The couple need not have any hurdles in the registration process of their marriage and thus, they may surely marry again in the Hon’ble Court.

If you want to get more details and information about such couple then you can stay tuned for the latest news on Virat Anushka’s re-marriage.