Was under house arrest after “wink” video went viral: Priya Varrier


As soon as we hear “wink video”, the only name that pops in our mind is that of “Priya Varrier”.

She has worked in Oru Adaar Love and said;

“I would like to outgrow the ‘wink girl’ tag someday.”

Priya Varrier, a young girl will make it to the big screen on 14 February with her debut film, Oru Adaar Love. It is a Malayalam movie directed by Omar Lulu. Since the day the video of Priya winking was out, it created a stir on the internet and media.

The girl has said to gain fame overnight. Her upcoming movie will also be translated in Telugu and Kannada language as well. There were also rumours that Priya was going to be starred across Ranveer Singh in Simbaa. However, when she was asked about the same, she denied such things and rather said, there were no offers made to her.

Priya Varrier on Sridevi Bungalow controversy

Priya Varrier has also been in news lately for her another movie based on Sridevi Bungalow controversy. When the interviewer questioned her about the movie being banned or given a clean chit, she replied, ” I am not willing to step in the controversies and will only play my part in the movie given to me.”

The fact is now not unknown to people, that Wink Girl became one of the most Googled personality in India. To this, she informed the sources, “I was literally under house arrest after the video. This was because my family was very much worried about my safety and it was all new to us.”

With fame and stardom, criticism also comes along the way. Priya was also no exception to being trolled like every other famous celebrity. The girl has taken everyone with shock when she admitted that, “I understand trolls will never stop and I do not bother to pause my life for them”.

Wink Video by Priya Varrier;