Watch Out For These Not So Deserved Internet Sensation


Today becoming an internet sensation is not because of your talent but because of your crazy acts. They are overshadowing the internet through their hilarious acts. Here goes the list of those who are famous on the social media not for their unique skills but belly busting acts.

Dance like nobodys watching: Dancing Uncle

Sanjeev Srivastav who is 46 years old professor by profession got the title of “Dancing Uncle” on social media. Uncle’s dancing video went viral on social media and gave him unprecedented fame. Four days older twitter handle got more than 3000 followers. He is still smashing the social media with his crazy dancing style.

Indian Twitter has even crowned him with the hashtag #dancinguncle which started trending on social networking sites. People went crazy over ‘dancing uncle’ and neglect appreciating young

struggling dancers. In reality, we are fond of spices whether in food or viral videos or fake news.

Hello friends chai peelo: Somawati Mahawar

Somvati Mahawar is another internet sensation because of a dialogue which is an instant hit. This is also making her the queen of memes. She is now famous as “chai wali aunty” by the people. Hello, friends … chai pi lo … Garam hai,” she effortlessly says in the self-shot video, which first appeared on the internet in May.

The memes and joke’s mesmerizing on the internet effortlessly. She got more than thousands of views on youtube. Many homemakers on the internet are doing well for the welfare of society, but did not receive desired appreciation by netizens!

Wink is in the air: Priya Prakash Varrier

Love in the air is more familiar than winks in the air. But winking eyes of Priya Prakash Varrier triggering the internet on fire. Malayalam sensation Priya Prakash is a college student hailing from Kerala perusing her B.Com in Vimala college in Thrissur District of Kerala. She has become an overnight internet sensation with the wink of her eye.

Her winking of eyes got more views in comparison to the soldiers who martyr at borders during battle with the enemy. Only we the people who search for such hilarious people on social media promote these stuff.

The Selfie Queen’ Dhinchak Pooja

Dhinchak Pooja has turned into a viral internet sensation beating every trend as well as the views on the internet. People find her songs so funny that it crosses 20 million views! Isn’t it bizarre? She became a meme maker favorite within no time. Even the Bollywood seems to promote her ‘ bad singing skills.’ Her song was covered by famous singer Sonu Nigam. Sensing her popularity, she was even invited to the big boss house! It’s not she who’s making her videos viral; it’s we who are promoting such irrelevant stuff!

Thik hai’ is not really okay!

Recently a self captured confession video of eloped couples went viral on social media , where the girl confesses all about the brutal restrictions by her family. We may call this video funny and memes on social media are going viral too. But the major issue of concern is such problems prevailing in the society. The lack of communication gap between parents and children is also alarming. Instead of merely making fun we should  focus more on serious problem leading to suicidal tendencies.

Such videos only create negative impact among the viewers. Instead the reason behind the elopement should be tackled !