Why is Mohammad Shami suddenly in the news?


Mohammad Shami, the ace pacer from Bengal is yet again all over the social media as well as news platforms. But this time it is not only about his game, something is different. An extra-marital affair allegation, WhatsApp chats, exclusion from BCCI contract are also been heard these days. Moreover, an FIR and a rumor of court settlement also, making Shami’s personal life hectic for the past few months. It all started with his wife Hasin Jahan accusing him of extramarital affairs on March 7th, earlier this year.

Enlisted herewith is the series of events as they had unfolded:-

  • 7th of March-

    Hasin Jahan, wife of Mohammad Shami claims that he was having some extramarital affairs. And to support her claims, she went on to the biggest social media platforms to post chats of him with a number of women. She also slapped the ace cricketer with domestic abuse charges claiming that her life had been put in danger by the pacers relatives. Soon, Shami took to his own social media account to squash all the charges pinned on his name. He labeled them as false and an absolute attempt to ruin his career. His wife also allegedly claimed to drag him to court. Citing disciplinary grounds, the player’s name was struck off from the list of player contracts from the BCCI. Shami hits back at wife’s allegations and says he hopes for things to get sorted.

  • 8th of March-

    Shami is slapped with match-fixing charges by his wife, but he denies all. After a series of such insults being inflicted at both the parties, Jahan lost her cool and seeked the help of both BCCI and the Chief Minister of West Bengal- Mamata Banerjee.

  • 13th of March-

    The saga is clearly far from being over after Jahan alleges that the Indian pacer is using various different contact numbers to threaten her and is in no mood for a patch up.

Shami’s performance during England tour:

In the context of treachery against the Country, Shami answered the constant nags of the reporters. He said, “As far as the allegation of compromising my performance playing for the country is concerned, I would rather die than do something like this”. However, the Indian speedster will be back in the contract list if his innocence is proved.

Regarding his performance in the matches versus England, the Indian coach said “3/64 isn’t the best figure in test cricket. But if you see it in the context of what Shami is going through, it means a lot. Shami came up with a performance that would give him a lot of confidence going ahead.” On being asked by reporters on his plan of what happens next, he said: “I wanted to just keep doing my job and then see what happens to the rest of the stuff in my life.”

So, this was about the Indian cricketer, Mohammad Shami.

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